Monday, February 3, 2014

Satmar loosing its biggest ideological supporter, Toldos Aaron is now against the Asra Kadisha Savages!

How things quickly change! 
The Satmar barbarians were throwing leaflets all over the streets of Monsey, Williamsburg, Boro-park and Yerushalyim, against Rav Shternbuch, because he supports building on what the Asra Kadisha savages and Satmar Hooligans, consider kevorim...

But now Toldos Aaron is backing Rav Shternbuch.

The truth is that's its all about money. Asra Kadisha cares about kevorim like I care about last years snow. 
If the developers give them some money, they allow them to build.

What happened was that last year a developer in Beit Shemesh got fed up with the constant demands and blackmail and went to Rav Sternbach who investigated and found no Jewish people buried at the site and ruled that the developer could build....
That left Asra Kadisha in a bind, they are made up mostly of Satmar Romanian barbarians! So they started saying that the world renowned posek Rav Sternbuch lost his mind and is a "Shaygetz"

Till now these animals had the support of Toldos Aaron....
but now the party is over!
So what will the two Satmar leaders do now?
The split in the Eida Chareidis appears to be widening as Toldos Aaron has come out publically against Asra Kadisha. 
The  flyers against Asra Kadisha were distributed after Asra Kadisha held an event in Beis Medrash Ohel Rochel, using the forum to protest ongoing construction in Beit Shemesh. 
Asra claims that construction compromises the integrity of ancient kevarim. 
Harsh words against Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita were heard at the event along with criticism against the Toldos Aaron Rebbe Shlita and his kehilla.

Toldos Aaron did not remain silent and flyers denouncing Asra Kadisha were distributed in the kehilla.

Asra and Satmar have now met their match... Toldos Aaron will not back down and will fight the barbarians!


Anonymous said...

Satmar under the leadership of these two criminally insane jew hating and israel hating gangsters,has become the laughing stock of the jewish world,they have become completely irrelevant.LET'S HOPE AND PRAY THAT THESE TWO SAVAGES COMPLETELY DESTROY EACH OTHER


BT said...

You are the shaygetz and a low class one at that.