Friday, February 7, 2014

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi going off the deep end! Says Nazis killed Ashkenazi Jews and spared Sefardim because Ashkenazim allowed "assimilation!

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi
This beardless Rabbi who quotes constantly from the Zohar HaKodesh ignores the Zohar when it comes to himself. 
For example the Zohar prohibits a Jew from trimming his beard .

But now he went totally off the cliff with his knowledge of why the Nazis killed the Jews!

I always thought that it was because they hated Jews; 
Rabbi Mizrachi speaks directly to G-D, and he knows better!

But the facts are that, 60,000 Greek Jews were murdered by the Nazis, 8,000 Macedonian Jews were murdered etc etc, 
but let's not confuse the Rabbi with the facts!

This speech was a huge Chillul Hashem,

כל מקום שיש חילול השם אין חולקין כבוד לרב

His statements are not only ignorant and wrong but also insensitive.

Ignorant, because many non ashkenazim suffered at the hands of the Nazis as well. 

His premise stating Sefardim were more adherent to Torah, is a farce. Look around, (today, like before the war) most Sefardi communities in the world are, on the whole, marginally observant. 

Communities in all of south america have communities where their adherence to orthodoxy is tenuous at best (I've seen it). Even in New York and Los Angeles where there are burgeoning and flurishing Ashkenazi communiities, 

The Sefardi communities on the whole display very lax orthodoxy (don't tell me it's their minhag). 
Examples of which include lax rules on tznius, kashrus and Shabbos.

What's more appaling is the notion that one can distinguish between Ashkenazi and Sefardi and not feel the Shoah was a tragedy on the Jewish people as a whole. Shameful.

While on topic, Sefardi leadership should discourage their members from purchasing and driving expensive German cars as its use as a status symbol is insensitive to our survivor parents. 

 Speaking at Hasmonean Hight School this past Monday, controversial Orthodox Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi told a group of Jewish senior boys that Ashkenazi Jews suffered the Holocaust because they had become more assimilated, and less respectful of rabbis—-while the “unassimilated” Sephardi Jews, “in Syria, Israel, Iran, Iraq—-places where almost all the Jews were keeping the laws—-they [the Nazis] did not kill them.” ( reports that Mizrachi went on to tell the boys that those killed in Nazi gas chambers were “guilty” of not preventing their “Jewish brothers and sisters” from becoming assimilated.

Sources said Mizrachi’s appearance at the school was met by protests and harsh criticism from concerned residents familiar with his views. 


masha said...

Ohhh please. ... Firstly, he doesn't have a beard because his wife. ..shalom bayit purposes. Secondly, the sephardim... We're always the first ones .....ashkenazi came years muchhhh years later. .. if u can't handle the real harsh truth of what he says or talks about. .. doesn't mean he is wrong! !!!!!

Dan Jacobs said...

Do you have a source for this "Speaking at Hasmonean Hight School this past Monday, controversial Orthodox Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi told a group of Jewish senior boys that Ashkenazi Jews suffered the Holocaust because they had become more assimilated, and less respectful of rabbis—-while the “unassimilated” Sephardi Jews, “in Syria, Israel, Iran, Iraq—-places where almost all the Jews were keeping the laws—-they [the Nazis] did not kill them.” My understanding is that he was on good behaviour. BTW, check out my blog -

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the many videos where he states it, watch it before he removes it:

Watch from 46:00 to 51:00 minutes

He also says why the top cancers for women are breast, ovarian and brain, because women "seen" with their vaginas, breasts, and thoughts.

Unknown said...

What besetting sin causes prostate cancer in men then?

Elliotto said...

If you would take some advice from what Rabbi Mizrachi has to say it might improve your lives a little.
Just to spend your time discrediting a successful speaker, because the truth hurts,is very cheap.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable how we cannot get along between Jews! Rabbi Mizrahi is a great Rabbi. He is one of the only ones that tells the truth
The hypocrite people don't like to hear the trutb

Anonymous said...

Chillul Hashem speech, he is very arrogant, respecting himself only

It is a shame that he is part of a respectful Hidabroot organization; he should learn some humility from Rabbi Zamir

Elliotto said...

The last comment by anonymous is simply not true, Rabbi Mizrachi is self-assured, not arrogant. He is successful because he is certain about his material, and aware that HaShem has given him the talent to give it over.

Anton said...

I've been listening to Rabbi Mizrachi's Lectures for a while now, Yes,at times, he can be offensive.But when I step back and think about his words, I understand that he is mostly right,
I say "mostly"because at times I still think with my heart and not in Torah's terms. To me he is a breath of fresh air. I've never met such a genuine Rabbi.
I tried to catch him on inconsistencies with historic facts, but to no avail,
He works himself to death, He lectures at least 4 times a week.
His lectures usually end after 11 PM.
After the lectures he travels home to Monsey, NY just to return to work in NYC early in the morning.
He is not trying to be anyone's friend. His fund raising willingness is completely absent. All he wants is to propagate and teach Torah.

Samir S. Halabi said...

This so called Rabbi Mizrahi should hold his head in shame.
He should recite a special prayer every day for the rest of his life asking Hashem for forgiveness for what he stated about Ashkenazi Jews.
Hundreds and hundreds if not a few thousand Algerian Jews dies in Auschwitz and other camps including some detention camps in France.
Libyan Jews also suffered death in slave labour camps inside Libya as well as also being deported to other death camps in Poland.
So what is he ranting about.

Anonymous said...

i feel bad who ever talks bad about Rabbi Yossi. Everything he states is straight out of the torah or said over in the name of other great rabbis. Dont shoot the messenger! The torah speaks very harshly & its not pretty, stop being a girl getting so offended & grow a pair.

the rabbi has stated that no one can claim 100% a reason to why the Holocaust happened but if you take a lesson from history you will see that Jews got severely punished when they sinned.

Dusiznies said...

Not everything he says is "straight out of the Torah" and I've heard him misquote entire gemarras, if you wish I am prepared to make a U-Tube clip pointing out all the places, where he is straight wrong!
Also the fact that he quotes from "other great rabbis' doesn't make it Torah yet, there are many different ways and levels of Torah learning, and Rabbi Mizrachi hasn't come close to mastering it yet! he has come very very late to Torah learning!
Also he's approach of G-d's punishment is wrong!
As far as the Holocaust is concerned, he is either a total ignoramus or a charlatan .... he said that Sefardim weren't touched in the Holocaust,that is an outright lie!

Anonymous said...

Please change this; Mr. Mizrachi is not an Orthodox rabbi!

He he is self ordained,repeatedly denying requests to show proof of his rabbinic training and ordination, his classmates? Rosh Yehiva? etc.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who support this lunacy are nothing but a bunch of sheep.

Anonymous said...

He's a dipshit that knows nothing of Judaism. He's a nobody that only knows hate

Anonymous said...

The truth always hurts. The strenght with which the truth is presented always meets with great opposition. Remeber the prophets of Hashem who were of ancient times? They were mostly hated because of the truth and killed. Why does anyone when he / she receives a message of truth concerning the harsh realities of life and judgement criticize unduly with an unfounded hatred. Against a Jewish brother. Hat does Rabbi Mizrachi have to proof. Does he not anger you because the yetzer hora in you jumps up and down, fighting, resisting the truth as it cuts like a sharp hot knife through butter.

Sorry, if you cannot take it, then cry. Cry now, not when you stand before the seat of judgment. Recently he spoke about Teshuva. Just do it. Whoever thinks he needs not to repent of his sinfulness and arrogance against Hashem. Not a construed arrogance against man when it was not his intention, but the intention was to warn, to reprimand and to ensure souls repent and stand in awe before Hashem. Grow up now and listen when you are warned from Torah and those appointed to give the warning. Stop bickering and and start quivering. Listen to Hashem, follow Torah, bury the little me syndrome and face facts. Search your soul and become a better person. This is what Rabbi Mizrachi is trying to tell you, but some do not want to listen because you are self righteouss. Think, what if he is right after all, what then.... it does not bode well for you... Hashem be the judge.