Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rabbonim rule that's ok to dress as Haman or Hitler on Purim but not as an Israeli Soldier!

V'nehepech Hu! It's an upside down world!
Dressing up as Haman or Hitler on the Jewish holiday of Purim, is fine, but dressing up as an Israeli soldier is not, ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis have ruled.

“Authentic Jews should refrain from dressing themselves or their children, as Israeli soldiers or police for the Jewish holiday of Purim this year,” posters signed by several leading ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis stated.

“Dressing up like an Israeli soldier will not increase happiness,” Rabbi Mordechai Blau, a radical ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi said. “Our children are terrified of Israeli soldiers, therefore, refrain from dressing up as them on Purim,” the rabbi said.

“Dressing up as a U.S. or British soldier is fine,” the rabbi added.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews erroneously believe that is the greatest sin against God, to serve in the Israeli military.

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