Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Satmar Rebbe of Monroe uses Arab slogan against Israel says "We must launch a Holy War"

The Rebbi lives in the comfort of his mansion in Kiryas Yoel, Monroe and he wants to fight the State of Israel that is surrounded by enemies that want to destroy it! 
The Rebbi doesn't even want the boys who don't want to learn,  to go to the army. He is concerned that they would go off the derech if the boys would G-D forbid join the IDF! 
He would rather they hang out all day in the "Hookah Joints!" 

Meanwhile hundreds of his students in Monroe are going off the derech just hanging out in Monroe!

This is the way THEYESHIVAWORLD reports the story!
All wording in red are our comments!

The Satmar Rebbe Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum Shlita arrived in Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday, 19 Adar I 5774. 
(with the IDF and the Zionist Police protecting him)

On his way to daven mincha in Savion, where he will be hosted by philanthropist Meir Gurwitz,
(Meir Gurwitz didn't become rich hanging out in Yeshivah kvettching the bonk, he worked for a living) 
the rebbe was briefed on the Shaked Committee and the accompanying efforts to draft bnei yeshivos into the military.

The rebbe was reportedly startled and upset 
("startled and upset?" Is he living on the moon? This has been going on for months! He was probably busy fighting with the Goyishe Neighbors in Monroe threatening to annex land to Kiryas Yoel)
by the events and stated emphatically 
“Now everyone knows that chareidi Jewry must go to war, one that is heard around the world against the gezeiros in unity among all factions
(all factions? is he talking about Belz, whom his chassidim called "Yemach Shmo" when the Belzer Rebbe came to America? Maybe he means Kloizenberg who was chased out of Williamsburg and had to escape to Union City?)
 and communities”.

“We must launch a holy war towards safeguarding the bochrim that do not attend yeshivos.
(Holy war? Isn't that what Hamas & Hizballah call it?) 
Even those who are not learning do not deserve a punishment of spiritual annihilation.”
(So why are your Kiryas Yoel talmidim getting "annihilated spiritually" in Monroe? 
Maybe the IDF should launch a "Holy War" against Kiryas Yoel?)

With regard to recent concerns voiced by prominent Sephardi poskim, that the Ashkenazi community will abandon them, the rebbe stated there will be no differentiation between Ashkenazim and Sephardim in the battle “for we will take care of everyone”.
(Notice the Rebbi never mentions G-D he says "we will take care of everyone", Isn't that what he accuses the Zionists of? "Kochi V'etzem Yudi?" )

There are reports the rebbe will work to arrange a mass protest against the draft during his stay.
(my message to Netanyahu, "Throw him out of Israel")

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