Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rav Shteinman & Rav Kanievski advocate boycott of Rav Auerbach's Newspaper "HaPeles"

Loose Translation:
"It's already awhile that a Newspaper named HaPeles has been distributed that is loaded with information shaming Talmedei Chachamim and is full of Machlokas, and has brought hate among those who fear G-D!
It has had a cooling effect on the Congregations that fear G-D and has caused  them to distance themselves from Torah & Yirei Shamayim! 
This Newspaper has encouraged teenagers to do things that the Torah would not approve, and has even brought them to do things that has caused  G-D's name to be profaned,

Therefore we ask that those who fear G-D in their hearts not to bring this paper into their homes and not to support them in any way, and we don't have to tell you not to read it!
 The advertisers of this newspaper should know that they are supporting G-D's name to be profaned.

May G-D  bring spiritual purity from the heavens, and bring His Kingship of peace amongst those who fear Him especially during these times as we stand up against those who are destroying us from within and from without, G-D forbid!
7 Adar 
Y.L. Shteinman

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