Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drama at Viznitzer Wedding...Rebbe refuses to go to chupah until Photographers leave!

Translation below:

דרמה בחצר ביתו של האדמו"ר מויז'ניץ בבני ברק: האדמו"ר סירב לצאת לחופה שנערכה הערב (שני) בחצר ביתו בשל מצלמת וידאו שהוצבה במקום.

הערב התקיימה חופה בחצר בית האדמו"ר, כאשר כובד לפי התוכנית באמירת הברכות. אך הדקות נקפו והאדמו"ר השתהה זמן רב. ובינתיים שרו הנוכחים ניגוני חופה.

לאחר עשרים דקות ניגש גבאו ואיש סודו של האדמו"ר, שייע קרויזר לבעל השמחה, והסביר לו: "אתם יכולים להמשיך בברכות אך הרבי לא יצא לומר את הברכות בשל השתתפות צלם וצלם וידאו".

בעל השמחה נסער ונכנס לאדמו"ר, הוא הסביר כי לא ידע על האיסור הגורף כל כך, וכי הוא יסלק את הצלמים. האדמו"ר השתכנע ויצא למעמד החופה.

לפני כחודשיים נתקנה תקנה בויז'ניץ. כי על פי הוראת האדמו"ר אין להביא צלם במעמד החופה וכי האדמו"ר לא ישתתף בחופות בהן לא תישמר התקנה. מחוץ לבית האדמו"ר אף הוצבו שלטים המזכירים את התקנה.

Loose Translation:
Drama unfolded at the Viznitzer Rebbe's house where a Chupa took place. The Rebbe refused to go out to the Chupa because of the video cameras.

The Rebbe was supposed to say the berachos under the chupa ....guests were confused because the Rebbe had not come out so they continued singing for 20 minutes ....hoping the Rebbe was going to walk out of his study and come to the Chupa.

The Gabbai Shaye Kroizer then explained to the Baal Simcha, they can continue with the Chupa because the Rebbe is not coming out because of the photographers.

The Baal Simcha then became agitated and ran  into the Rebbe's study explaining that he had no idea that there was a prohibition on taking pictures...

The Baal Simcha then removed the contaminated photographers and the Rebbe came out to say the Berachos

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Anonymous said...

All of these storys make up for sensationalism, BUT if you want to use them, get your facts straight! The Vizhnitzer Rebbe Reb Yisroel follows the minhagig (customs) of his Uncle Reb Motteleh from Monsey , Reb Motteleh always prohibited photographers at events. Reb Yisroel made an announcement several months ago that he would not attend any weddings with photographers(one of his close chassidim told me that it is also an issue of the flashes hurting his eyes, imagine his day, attending Brises,Pidyon habens, engagements, weddings etc. all with cameras constantly flashing in his eyes) He made this perfectly clear.It is not a question of the photographers being unclean. No one forces anyone to have their chassuna in The Vizhnitzer rebbe's courtyard, there are plenty of wedding halls in Bnai Brak and he could even have made the chuppa in the Rebbe's brother RebMendeleh's courtyard, he has no problem with cameras flashing in his eyes.In this case the Baal Simcha was originally a Sereter Chosid ,a gabbai of the Sereter Rebbe. ( a chassidus filled with intrigue and fights) He moved to Bnai Brak and started to hang around Reb Yisroel's community, plus he is very wealthy and felt he could get away with breaking the rules.
It seems that The Vizhnitzer Rebbe Reb Yisroel taught him a lesson and showed the world his integrity that when he says something he means it even if the baal simchas is rich!