Monday, February 24, 2014

Askanim blame the Ladies, again, for all troubles! Will have Men-Only Gathering to Discuss Ladies Clothing!

Only the ladies have to do Tesuvah for wearing immodest clothing, which is "causing all the tragedies."
Men have nothing to worry about, they can continue to steal, rob, sexually abuse anybody they choose and they can continue beating their wives. 
That's why ladies were not invited to this Men-Only Asifah! 
They don't want the ladies to know, G-D forbid,  that they are the cause of all the tragedies! So let's only invite the Holy Men for a boys only night, to discuss the bad ladies!

By the way, who are these Askanim? Why didn't they sign anything? I think that if their wives would find out about it they would beat the hell out of them!  Only perverts would dictate to the ladies what they should wear, aren't there enough Rebbitzins that can tell the ladies what to wear?

Don't get me wrong, I think that we should all contemplate and give thought to why G-D is punishing us, and why young people are suddenly dying and getting very sick. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. We should be concerned, we should ask ourselves, "What's going on?" We should do our utmost to adhere to the mitzvos and yes to respect our gedolim!

But to have a bunch of un-named "askanim" pushing an agenda that actually excludes their own gender  is asinine  ....

Read from the Hamodia! 
Our Comments in RED!

“…After a series of tragedies sent tremors through the community in the past few months, a group of 12 leading local Rabbanim and askanim
(who are they? I don't see the names? "12 Leading local Rabbanim?" Who are they talking about? Again No Names..
and only 12? You can get 12 Rebbelich on one block in Williamsburg? What happened to the hundreds of Rabbonim? ) 
gathered to discuss vital issues facing the community. During the meeting, they heard firsthand accounts from leading mechanchos
("leading mechanchos" Which ones? Names, Please...
By the way, are you telling me that 12 Rabbonim sat with a bunch of Ladies to talk? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.
And how did this meeting come about? The ladies contacted the Rabbi guys? How did they choose which 12 Rabbis?
I don't believe this happened!) 
regarding breaches in hilchos tznius [modesty laws].

When their findings were brought before the Skulener Rebbe, shlita, and the Rachmastrivka Rebbe, shlita, the two Rebbes, who were deeply moved by what they heard, took the unprecedented step of writing a stirring, joint letter to all the local Rabbanim, asking them to take action and encouraging them to arrange a community-wide gathering.…

Two of the primary organizers described to Hamodia what is behind the gathering.
(For G-d's sake .... Which two? "primary organizers? "
Who are you talking about? Why are they afraid to give their names?)

“The purpose of this asifah is to raise awareness about the halachic aspects of this issue,” one of the organizers said.
(before it was 2 organizers, now it suddenly became 1 ?, What was the other organizer doing while this one was talking?)
“Many families who are knowledgeable, even stringent, in many other areas of halachah are simply unaware of what constitutes daas Yehudis in this issue, and about the numerous prohibitions — including some that are possibly even mid’Oraisa —
(Let me understand this. So, now, un-named organizers met un-named mechonchos with 12 local un-named rabbonim and they will make us "aware of what constitutes daas Yehudis." Unbelievable!
"mid' Oraisa?"  I challange you to tell us what halachos d'oraisa you are talking about?)
that are violated by those who sell and wear unsuitable articles of clothing. We are not referring to chumros, we are referring to fundamental, basic halachah.”
(show me this in Shulchan Aruch) 

But why gather men to talk about halachos pertaining to women?
(Finally, my question all along!) 

“Like kashrus and shemiras Shabbos, men have the same responsibility as women do on this issue. It is vital for men to have the knowledge they need to be able to support their wives
("support their wives? "  These guys are not supporting their wives, the wives are supporting them)
and guide their daughters regarding the relevant halachos,” the organizer explained.…”
(Which organizer?) 
Organizers are also planning to hold a meeting for principals of girls’ schools and camp directors in early March and are, 
(again, the'll be talking to the ladies? Who gave a bunch "Organizers" a "heter" to speak to the women?)
Hamodia reports, "in intensive discussions" with storeowners and investors about opening "new clothing stores to provide practical alternatives to what is currently available."
(not a bad idea, maybe now some will actually work for a living!)

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