Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prices are going to drop for Apartments in Yerushalyim, Belzer Rebbe says there will be "Mass Emigration"

Can't wait for the "Mass Emigration" that the Belzer Rebbe is predicting, now I will be able to buy an apartment in Yerushalyim for a more reasonable price,
and I will command a better price for my home in Monsey! Win win situation. 
But I don't get it.!!! Isn't it a mitzvah to defend Eretz Yisrael and the lives of your loved ones against an enemy? 

Didn't Moshe dispatch an army to fight Amalek? 

And wasn't it the tzadikim who were usually selected to go out to battle in ancient times? 
Why are they so reluctant to fulfill their obligations of service in one capacity or another? 
How frum can they be if they're so concerned that serving in the army will corrupt their religious values?. 
It's the same battle that we all have to wage against the Yaitzer Harah every minute of our lives.

The “HaMachane HaChareidi” publication delivers the Holy words of the Belzer Rebbe Shlita. 

This week’s edition carries the headline “Prepare for mass emigration” as a result of the draft gezeiros.

 According to the report, a group of American students are committed to assisting chareidi families wishing to receive refugee status abroad. This undoubtedly reflects just how serious the rebbe is regarding threats to compel talmidim and avreichim yeshivos to leave beis medrash to serve in the IDF or a state-approved national service program.

The report states that efforts towards arranging for the first wave of people to leave Eretz HaKodesh have begun. The report speaks of “a wave of mass emigration to the Diaspora” to escape the gezeiros and permit bnei Torah to continue their lives of avodas Hashem.


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Anonymous said...

Relax, don't get your hopes up, The Rebbe willNEVER give up his palace and mini Bais Hamikdosh which he helped build with his own 2 hands. I asked several of his chassidim and they said they would never leave without him, after all they could not bear to leave him here all alone. They said when he leaves then they will think about it.
His brothers in law Aharon Satmar and The Skverer do not want him in America so they will not help him. Belz would have to go find a place to make their own kiriah like Kiryat Yoel and Kiryat Skver and that could take another 20 years, by that time no one will even remember the name Yahir Lapid and maybe not even Bibi