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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Avraham Gefner arrested for molesting in Nyack..

Hey guys remember when I broke the story July 31? Well they finally arrested the guy who wants to grope for free!

46-year-old Avraham Gefner allegedly grabbed the thigh and buttocks of a waitress at a South Broadway restaurant, the Journal News reported.
The woman reported the alleged assault to her manager, but Gefner left before police arrived.
Police used normal investigative methods and a search of social media to find Gefner, who was arrested Friday by Orangetown police.
Gefner was reportedly released without bail.
He is scheduled to appear in Nyack Village Court on September 23 right after Selichos!


Anonymous said...

It was already on July 31st that the police were told this pig's name.

It took Orangeburg Police 6 weeks to arrest him and you can bet if it was Ramapo Police jurisdiction they would have swept it under the carpet pretending they don't know how to find a criminal even though they have his name & address. No crime statistics for Ramapo Police because that translates to less money.

Dusiznies said...

How do you grab a thigh?

Anonymous said...

plse post entire vid for the sake of the deniers.

Dusiznies said...

To 12:44
The deniers can go to the playboy channel.

Anonymous said...

Is this what happens when a Yid goes into a Traif Restaurant? Next thing you know it's mixed dancing and then avoda zara.