Thursday, March 2, 2023

What Happened With the "Re-Opened Case" of the Murdered Chaim Weiss ?


The above video, reporting the re-opening of the case was 10 years ago!

Within the last 48 hours I have been in touch with people who have some knowledge with this case. And they believe that it was an inside job. 

Many suspect that the killer was known to Chaim a"h  and may be living in Israel. He should be in his 50s. Some suggested that the killer has since married and divorced. If that is in fact true then he has an ex-wife, who may know something. So if there is divorced lady out there that was married to a Long Beach alumnus that is in his 50s please contact us.  If he did move to Israel and made Aliyah, then he could have changed his name at that time, making it harder to track him down, but his ex would have his updated information.

The people who got in touch with me actually named an individual that they suspect is the killer, who was a student there at the time. This individual in fact did marry and did get divorced and did move to Israel.

I am asking former classmates, especially former campers or staff members to contact me at
The parents are getting older and need closure.

I also need more information on the principal Rabbi Avram Cooper who moved to Lakewood, and is retired, he for sure knows a lot but refused to talk to a reporter in 2017.

Here is a link for more interesting tidbits about this tragic case:

Someone did blog about the case, read the very hair-raising comments on that post 

Below find video explaining why the killer must have been a frum Jew and maybe even a student. 



Long Beach Robot said...

Shkoyach Horav DIN for keeping on top of this. Long Beach is perhaps an even worse cult than Philly. The Hanhala are an immoral disgrace. The whole crime operation is soon departing Long Beach to relocate on Red Schoolhouse Rd in the Chestnut Ridge section of Monsey.

As far as the suspect, was he a mesivta or beis medrash bochur at the time of the murder? And did he end up in BMG like most Long Beach robots do?

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand how parents sent their kids back to this yeshiva.

Unknown said...

sof davar hakol neshma, sounds like it was an inside job. Sounds like he knew a secret that the killer was afraid would get out. I lean towards it being a hit man hired by someone inside to do the dirty work to make Chaim disappear.

Agudah Fresser Papal infallibility Complex said...

Another kashya on the dumb parents is how they give the place credence after the din Torah with "Split Beach" / Belle Harbor. Shtockfeigel didn't listen to Rav Schach. It was ein zach when the Fressers backed Shtockfeigel by ordering all yeshivos to not take any departing Long Beach bochurim. But what excuse did future parents have?

The Weiss Hy"d murder is connected to a molestation cover up. There is also a very recent NY State Supreme Court case where a bochur in Long Beach was molested & the current Hanhala (which includes some of the old guard) are covering it up. Business as usual!

Frum but normal said...

It’s pretty obvious this character calling himself rabbi Cooper knows exactly what happened.
When Chaim was in Europe visiting his grandfather, this creep kept calling in desperation wanting to know when he is coming back because he must speak to Chaim.
When his father took him to Cooper, he absolutely refused to tell his father what this was all about,and five weeks later he was murdered..
You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to realize this Cooper creep is up to his neck in this murder,and knows exactly what and why it happened.
Why the Cops did not put more pressure on Cooper is absolutely mind boggling.
Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Benjamin’s were used to make the cops back off the case.

Pechter Fechter said...

Read here about Long Beach Administrator at the time of the murder, Shlomo Lesin.

Lesin is agav shver of Chaim Pechter-Fechter who is known as the most shver baal davar rosh yeshiva of this dor. He's a talmid of the Philly cult.

Pechter's daughters are nasty, miserable women who have no business being in chinuch. They are infamous for numerous episodes of going way beyond being nightmare mechanchos. They try to destroy the lives of the girls!

Loi Saamoid said...

Long Beach is a very strange, sick place. They all worship Feigelstock despite that he was known as the weakest old Lakewooder. He was stuck in Uruguay during the war where he could not learn very much.

Retzicha is in the Aseres Hadibros but the talmidim of 1986 all recently lawyered up & refused to speak when detectives wanted to interview them. Protecting the brand is the highest order in Feigelstock worship, not doing retzon Hashem.

Dusiznies said...

I'm actually in touch with many of Chaim's z"l classmates and we are I believe coming very close to the truth. Stay tuned

Wicked Witches of the East said...

The Pechter girl who was head of Nosson Neuman's camp may be a daughter in law. Mothers have been crying about her rishus done to their daughters on a website where heimish yentas trade notes.

The obese Pechter girl became a "behavior analyst". Good Lord! Her friggin behavior is what needs analyzing! Totally fitting that she became daughter in law of the SOB Lippy Geldwerth who went to war to protect his good friend Yudi Kolko. Lippy slandered Kolko opponents for years during his toxic shul droshos.

The nasty little twit Rachelli Pechter who was teaching in Passaic married someone Parsons. Someone was laughing that it makes him think of the CEO installed at Time Warner for Affirmative Action reasons, Richard Parsons. He was known throughout Redneck America as "Buckwheat" Parsons, evoking the Buckwheat character on "The Little Rascals".

Anonymous said...

You had to pass many rooms to get to the boy-- you had to know where you were going... it wasn't random... a boy given his own room bc this was the plan all along... and what was the private meeting about... why the desperate call from camp... why the boy refused to tell his father what the meeting was about.. why the secrecy?... ... either he was molested or he witnessed something... and he needed to be eliminated to save someone else. Dont think it was a hitman. Think it was someone in the yeshiva-- not the janitor but someone connected to Copper-- choosing halloween intentionally to throw the law off. Remember the woman who said she saw a boy ont he boardwalk that night with look of terror in his face... I would say check out every kid who was there who ended up divorced whether in israel or LAKEWOOD... you involved in such a matter and it is going to haunt you your whole life-- you gonna have a life full of problems. You have no idea who was involved in what and then manipulated/blackmailed by the rabbi to do it.

IsraelReader said...

Who is this guy?
Anonymous said...
He was Murdered by the Janitor. But not because he was fired. The Janitor Was My pacient [sic].
August 28, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Any updates?

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe he was murdered by a student for a variety of reasons.
1. The janitor was always waving his knife around , didn’t get along with Chaim and Ran away back to his country shortly thereafter
2. If it was a kid at the school he wouldn’t be been able to do such a clean job without a drop of blood in his room? Especially on shabbos , with no weapon or blood found anywhere!
3. The person didn’t really know where Chaim was and had to check rooms before they found chaims room
4. I just don’t think a Jewish kid would’ve not succumbed to the interrogations that these kids had afterwards.
5. The father lived in states island and worked in diamonds
This looks like the workings of the mafia
6. The weird letter they received in the mail as well as the weird spray paint on Chaims grave were the workings of a Gentile
7. Chaim had NO enemies in Yeshiva and was well liked by all
8. Not a fingerprint found anywhere with a boy brutally murdered as he was? Hard to believe
9. It was Halloween night

Rabbi Cooper said...

1. The janitor was in an army base on that Shabbos, he had joined months before that.
2. You could say that about everyone
3. He only checked one other room.
4. The "interrogations" weren't that great even according to you where you claim it was the janitor.
5. Mafia don't kill family especially children
6. The weird letter could have been written by anyone even a rebbe
7. That makes this case so hard to crack
8. The police did a crappy job collecting evidence, also fingerprints are hard to lift from a bedcover
9. So?