Monday, March 20, 2023

Eichenstein (langeh Rekel) : Illegal for car wash operators to overcharge Jewish customers but it's ok For Jews to overcharge Matza, Meat and Fish


This"farikteh" meshiginar barking against goyishe "car wash" owners because they "are raising their prices before Pesach" what chutzpah!

Hey "Lange Reckel".... 
Cleaning your car by a car wash is NOT a mitzvah! Your lazy teenagers should be doing it! 
Eating Matzah is a mitzva eseh de'oirisah!
Why don't you scream at heimishe wholesalers that raise prices on staples, even milk before Pesach?

I have to say that in Israel, before Pesach, the prices actually go down. I found Fish, Meat and other staples reduced by over 10%! 

New York State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, who represents New York's 48th State Assembly district, published a video in which he urged car wash operators not to overcharge their Jewish customers before the holiday of Passover.

 “Last year, it was brought to my attention that some local car wash operators, throughout our neighborhoods, have been increasing their prices in a discriminatory manner for their Jewish customers before Pesach,” he said. 

 Eichenstein noted that he is “specifically addressing car wash operators because of the bias and discrimination in deliberately charging their Jewish customers more for the same service that they provide to non-Jewish customers, because they know that we are obligated to clean our cars before Pesach.” “It is illegal to raise the price for a particular service solely for one religious community at a specific time of year, while the prices remain reduced for everyone else. This is wrong. It is unethical and, above all, it is illegal,” he stated.

“I want to inform you that I have been in contact with the Attorney General’s office again this year, and they will be re-issuing a consumer alert along with a reporting hotline,” continued Eichenstein.

“My message to community members is this: Be careful. Before you agree to a car wash, check the price and confirm with the attendant. Make sure that the services provided for the Passover special are priced comparably to the same, similar services which are not officially Passover services. If you see a discrepancy, speak out. Let them know that the discriminatory practice is illegal and that you are not going to stand for it.”

To the car wash operators, Eichenstein said, “Charging more for your services before Pesach is not only taking advantage, it is blatant discrimination and is illegal. I can tell you, the Attorney General’s office will be watching. You have been warned.”


Anonymous said...

What about Satmar pouring Domino sugar into new bags for pesach and then marketing them and raising prices?

Anonymous said...

Why is Uber surge pricing legal?

Yudel Shain said...

If Satmar would at least use Domino Sugar, we would be gratified.

They are taking it from a Company in the Bronx that had flour in the silos, and it was cleaned out completely before putting in the Satmar sugar. I asked Yitzu Glick, OBM about it, he asked me not to say it so loud.

Zako said...

"In Israel, before Pesach, the prices actually go down.
Fish, Meat and other staples reduced by over 10% !"

That's technically because the head-on competition between different markets and/or groceries is obvioulsy much tighter than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Imo labeling a man by his choice of clothes is bigot and bordering discrimination, maybe call him trimmed beard or not too large yarmalka.

Mayim sheloony said...

The cars need to be washed with mayim sheluni so the prices go up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And the mayim sheluni is reused from vehicle to vehicle to be good to the environment! Green & Eco type companies are in vogue so that already commands a higher price before you can blink!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the government can do something about the price of eggs.