Monday, March 13, 2023

Testimony from a Heart-Broken Mother Who lives near Huwara

 From someone who lives in the community next to Huwara

My Huwara Testimony

About Huwara and my life in it, we have to go back to the beginning. 
When Itamar was just being set up on the empty barren lands, as one Arab put it when talking with Gilad Zar (HY"D) who scouted the region before the inception of settlement out here, - "the hills of death", he termed it. He said nothing grew here and it would be a waste of time and effort. 

That was close to forty years ago and today Itamar is a thriving agricultural community focusing on organic horticulture and agronomy. 

The culture of the pioneers that live here is one of kind to the earth and livestock methods which have been proven to be par excellence upholding the strictest laws of clean environment and kindness. The topography here has changed from grey to green in kind to ecology methods being applied... But getting back to how the trucks of produce leave the farms and return back home to Itamar- the only road is through the bottleneck of Huwara, as do all the population of the four communities of Itamar, Yitzhar, Elon Moreh and Har Bracha. 

When we first moved out here, Huwara was a tiny little speck on a dirt road with two and half stores of artifacts and a small kiosk. Our first trauma there happened not long after settling, in- the murder of Tirtzah Porat (HY"D), a beautiful fourteen year old girl that went on a hike with a group from nearby Elon Moreh. At the Beita village, just down the road off Huwara even then the hate and venom of the locals was in full gear. An angry mob pummeled the hikers for walking freely in the heart of Israel only because of one thing- they were Jewish.

We have to drive here and we are the ones with the rock proof cars. This doesn’t prevent hundreds of terror attacks on us weekly. The Israeli government has been working on a bypass road I like to call heart bypass surgery. This is the heart and the heart is broken right now. I have watched this little shanty town grow in leaps and bounds with the generous hand -outs of the E.U. and U.S. aid. At the traffic circle there is a large sign thanking them for it. Stores were built in scores and buildings popped up like mushrooms, even high risers. Those are especially efficient in throwing boulders on to Jewish vehicles. 

Pictures of Shaheeds (martyrs) decorate from flag poles, the venomous glances from some strolling in the street here reminds you that you are in a war now. 
This is not a peace process. 

Once you enter the gates of Itamar the contrast from the meat markets where freshly slaughtered cows and sheep are displayed in your face as they hang from poles in the street melting in the sun and the whiplashed donkeys wobbling through the skeletons of cars piled up in lots is astounding. 

The peace and tranquility of the Jewish held areas- the only arteries open to the heart- is compelling. Our own friends have been lynched in Huwara, as well as attacked with knives. There have been countless miracles as terrorists have fired upon Israeli vehicles numerous times. We've had blood thrown at us, eggs and obscene gestures are the norm in Huwara. 

You may ask- how can you be normal in the face of this bull?
This last November, on the anniversary of Yaasir Arafat arch terrorist and peace partner of the Clintons, a ceremony was held for the public of Huwara. A panel of municipal leaders as well as the mayors of Huwara and Shechem all raised their voices in support of terrorism. This was matched by the Education Department of the Palestinian Authority – an event that hundreds of children attended, all carrying toy pistols and pictures of murdering terrorists. Israeli News correspondent, Yishai Friedman showed his documentary of Huwara kindergartens where they learn about terrorists and their acts of "heroism" and use props of Israeli settlers for target practice. These and many horrific barbaric "educational programs" all spearheaded by the Palestinian authority as well as of course blackening out the cities of Jaffa, Akko, and Netanya and writing PALESTINE over them on maps in geography classes. You see, the story is not JUST about Huwara, and it's not just against pioneers- but all of Israel.

The littered streets of Huwara can and should be cleaned up. The terror programs in Huwara must be stopped. 

When I hear how some Rabbis and others when relating to the violence done in Huwara described it as a "pogrom" - let's get serious! I can't help thinking that this is the new Golden Calf they serve. 

This is the time to reassess who we are and why we are here. The far majority of those living in Judea and Samaria are peaceful law-abiding citizens that strongly oppose any violence. Arabs are not afraid to drive through our towns and shop in our supermarkets. They don’t have to worry about armoring their cars with protective glass against rock and Molotov cocktail attacks.  

When a pile of old relics of VEHICLES are set afire by a small minority of frustrated youth that just buried their two angelic friends.  May I remind those that gave sermons in their shules what "pogroms" are: 
Look into the history of Chevron in 1929- way before a "green line" was ever created, way before 1948: Jewish women were raped, parents were murdered next to their children, homes were burnt to the ground BECAUSE THEY WERE JEWISH.

 I warn you! Do not equate this atrocity to the burning of old cars as terrorist are being paid to slay. In full denial of the Taylor force act.  

The murderers of the Yaniv boys (HY"D) used the escape corridor of Huwara into Shechem- the city of refuge for many terrorists. Whole swaths of the integrity of the heart of this country were given to terror cells! The road from Shechem to Jenin has been declared Judenrein. You want to talk to me about a pogrom?! If you don’t have mercy on your fellow Jews, have on the livestock of Huwara for G-d's sake!

Have you ever even been to Huwara? 
The one road that gets me in and out- it's the road that leads from heaven to hell and out and again. 

This is my testimony. 

It was concertedly built to be a choke point. It was strategically commanded to be hard hitting for anyone that wanted to reach the central point of Eretz Yisrael. Everyone has a right to a safe passage, even me.



Anonymous said...

Share with who? The U.S government that hates Israel even more than the Palestinians? The US government only likes Israel when it bows down to its will. The US wants a Palestinian state not for peaceful aims but so that it
will have more power in the region. The Palestinians are Haman, the US is Achashveirosh who hated the Jews even more.

Anonymous said...

Great and we’ll written are prayers and thoughts are with you and yes now living in America I can still remember not to long ago every time passing through hawara sitting in traffic there is a daily and taking that huge deep breath after passing through wow wow you can’t explain