Friday, March 10, 2023

Sudden Petirah of Chaim Elefant 32 Father of 4


Chaim was on an Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Ft, Lauderdale, Florida, with two of his business partners when he suffered a massive heart attack. Flight crew members immediately began resuscitation efforts as the plane diverted to New Orleans. Once the plane was on the ground, paramedics rushed Chaim to a hospital, where he was sadly niftar.

A Flatbush Hatzolah paramedic who happened to be in New Orleans at the time made his way to the hospital to assist and comfort Chaim’s stunned business partners and to ensure kavod hameis.

With tremendous siyata dishmaya, the local coroner swiftly released the niftar after intervention by Chesed Shel Emes and various askanim.

A philanthropist flew a private jet to pick up the niftar to fly him back to Los Angeles for the levaya and kevurah.

The niftar leaves behind his wife Miriam (Nee Citronenbaum) and four children, the oldest who isn’t yet 7 years old, and the youngest who is just a few months old.

He is the son of Yankie and Lisa Elefant of Flatbush.


Anonymous said...

Was he vaccinated? Loved in cali so better than even chance that yes. Sudden massive heart attacks didn’t use to happen to 32 year olds. This info needs to be publicized. There are still many advocating the useless and deadly vaccines.

LES AYM said...