Monday, March 13, 2023

Bobover Rebbe 48 Impressed that the "New Generation Wears "viseh zokin" and "curly peyos"

The Bobover Rebbe Shlitah, Reb Ben-Zion, was illustrating how far the latest generation has come, that now "everyone wears the peyois outside their ears and wear white socks.

He pointed out that the previous generation wore their "peyois behind their ears" and didn't wear "white socks." 

As an aside I remember when his father z"l Reb Shlomo, didn't wear "white socks" but wore regular pants with regular socks.

As I listened to this guy talking, I was scratching my head in disbelief. This rebbe is a leader of thousands, I am not exaggerating, literally thousands, I was wondering as I was watching the guys sitting at the dais looking at him stoically, what was going thru their minds listening to their leader talk absolute nonsense.

Is this what is important today? Have we all become a nation of morons? 

The world is falling apart, members of our own community have not been spared, as many are going "off the derech," committing suicide, doing drugs, families are being torn asunder, suicides, mental health issues, people have lost their life savings in ponzi schemes just in the past year, and he is talking whether one should wear his peyos behind the ears or to curl them and wear them outside! 

Have we all become insane? 

There is no question in my mind that he is living in an alternate universe and not at all tuned into reality! 

Woe to our generation that these are our leaders! And he is not alone living in the world of absurdity.

פני דורו כפני כלב 


Boor-o Park said...

As another aside, dach zich the real Galitzianers always wore the veisseh zokken. But Bobov has a large sub-culture of Ingrisher Gypsy tag alongs who have been wearing regular hoizen. It makes sense that the wannabes have finally come around to conformist dress code after all the decades of yeshivas Boor-o Park.

Anonymous said...

If I may...
I was there at the speech.
There are many problems that plague every community and ours as well.
Ill tell you that the Bobover Rebbe is an ALL IN Rebbe. He addresses most all issues. He helps out his chassidim in many many ways. While he set up many orgs within the kehilla. There are always things that fall through the cracks.
That being said. Dont think for a second the Rebbee neglects us.
You took his words out of context. This was a speech saying that while doing good for one another and helping is a given. Its amazing that we are even growing in chassidisim; in theses turbulent times. We believe and our Rebbes teach us that how we dress has an impact.
So in no way did the Rebbee belittle the other most important issues. It just wasnt the place.
I am quite disappointed with you as you are typically spot on/

Anonymous said...

I think he is a real Bobover.
I mean look at his command of the English language. Bobov Mesivta boys get Regents diplomas. I respect them for that and the chesed they do. I would not just go by a video clip and assume the Rebbe is off. I have a friend who used to play with him as a child. He says he was a good kid who always worried about yenem.


Alter Bobover fin der heim said...

את חטאי אני מזכור היום
I must admit that I sent the clip to DIN and other outlets. I and a group of my friends are from the Rebbe's age group, and as we walked out of this event we were all outraged and had the exact reaction as DIN.
But there is another נקודה that DIN touched on but wasn't emphasized. Though the Rebbe is a very sweet guy and means no harm, he dissed his brother, R' Naftulchi זצ"ל. R' Naftulchi wore his peyos behind his ears, and did not wear "vaaseh zukin" in the weekdays until he became rebbe!
All the children of our group wear "vaaseh zukin" and have their peyois outside, and we are very proud of them and "shep" ידיש נחת but this shouldn't have been emphasized in these turbulent times as DIN pointed out. BTW this is not the first time R' Ben Zion dissed R' Naftulchi.
Also he named some of us by name, and this made us all very uncomfortable.
Peyois and vasseh zukim are very nice but isn't at all important and means absolutely nothing in the greater picture.
Bobov is a beautiful chassidus but words like this from our rebbe is neither helpful nor smart!

Garnel Ironheart said...

> Is this what is important today? Have we all become a nation of morons?

You even have to ask?

80s Argyle Zokken said...

I'm out of Boro Park for decades & confused so please enlighten me.

I understood this the way "Boor-o Park" is talking that the real Bobovers always wore the veissah ON SHABBOS but the Hungarians were not.

Never seen or heard of veissah in di VOCHENS.

Are you serious that they now wear veissah in di VOCHENS?

This was major in style in the 1980s and it infiltrated out of town yeshivos by bochurim who wanted to be "preppy".

Scottish Highlanders wore these zokken since at least the 1600s. Their first wave of American popularity came after WWI. The 80s resurgance was due to PGA champ Payne Stewart

R Leibish Bobover said...

This post was shown to me by a relative, as I am not usually on the internet except for paying my bills. I am an old Bobover, my parents were Bobover "nuch fin der alter heim." and I follow him because he is a child of R' Shlomeh z"l.I am one year older than the rebbe and know him quite well and remember him growing up. I have the answer why the rebbe said what he did. In Yiddish there is a perfect expression that would describe the rebbe to a tee. "kinderish" The rebbe is very "childish" and has never really grown in maturity, I think that in this respect the blogger is 100% accurate that the rebbe is living in an "alternate universe" He is like an innocent little boy. All his drashos are the same way, not very deep. But I have to say that he is a very peaceful man and humble.
Hopefully my comment explains it all.

Fuzzy Zoeller said...

DIN is a Kol Bo. You even learn about the PGA here.

Payne Stewart was an Unesaneh Toikef guy who died a misah meshunah. His private plane was flying way off course from Florida without responding to Air Traffic Control so the FAA had Air Force F-16s check it out. It was at a high altitude when a window broke a crack. The atmosphere getting in killed everyone in the plane and left them with scary complexions from hypoxia which the Air Force pilots could see. The Pentagon ordered that the plane continue to be shadowed & be shot down if it nears any population centers like Chicago. In the end it ran out of fuel & crashed in barren land in South Dakota. Canadian Air Force interceptors were waiting on their side of the border in case the plane made it that far.

Anonymous said...

You're confusing them with Klausenburg and Belz. Bobov is true Galizianers.

Anonymous said...

Actually, used to take Regents diplomas. That ship has sailed... albeit the Ruv implemented a comitte thats sole focus is to assure that the english department is robust. Bobov is one of the only chassidic sects (that have peyos and white socks) where the men speak a proper English.

Anonymous said...

you purposely took his words out of context. The Rebbe was saying, this is how the current generation turned out. azoi is gevoren, like for better or worse...

Anonymous said...

Anyway you want to twist the rebbe's words, this is not something that he should have said in any context in a public drasha, this is something one says in private, but the rebbe knows his limitations that he is not the sharpest blade in the drawer.