Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Israel is in the throes of an orchestrated, well-funded coup d'état, devoid of ideology and close to bloodshed in the street


Israel is fighting for its independence from the tyranny of affluent and powerful elites. Independence from the legal establishment's absolutism, independence from the propaganda of the mainstream media propaganda, freedom from the progressive ideology of academia, and from the social engineering carried out by the IDF.

For thirty-plus years, Israel has faced a gradual campaign to change the identity of the Jewish state to a secular state for all its citizens. It's an attempt to separate Israel from its rich diasporic history, Jewish traditions, customs, and above all, the Jewish religion. The bon ton that leads the crusade is in the minority; be that as it may, they wield hegemonic control over national bodies, effectively dominating key decision-making agencies.

They dominate the Supreme Court and the Attorney General's Office, which rank among the most significant of these institutions. Together with the activist left-wing agenda and authority they arrogated to themselves, they have created a supra-legislative hierarchy that can override the legislation of the elected legislative assembly.

The dispute is not over the need for long-overdue judicial reform. It concerns the elite's efforts to reassert its authority. By doing so, they have unleashed anti-democratic forces that completely reject and invalidate a legal government that was democratically elected by the majority of the people.

Clearly, Israel is in the throes of an orchestrated, well-funded coup d'état. A coup, devoid of ideology and with few actual supporters, is edging ever closer to civil disobedience, chaos, and the risk of violence leading to bloodshed in the streets.

To outflank the parliament's elected representatives, the coup utilizes the apparatus of the state, in particular its legal establishment, senior military and police officers, civil servants, and mainstream media. This is a war, and the tactics employed by the leaders of this revolt are inspired by Marxism. From the twentieth century on, Marxism has become the archetypal political tactic of left-wing reformers. It is a potent ideology because it claims to be the panacea for all social ills.

The Marxist theory envisions a society in which everyone's requirements will be met as we transition from an "unjust" capitalist system to one founded on the labor of all. High-minded cosmopolitan moralists find this political orientation attractive, for it is the enemy of national borders, inequality, and conflict. They assure their followers of a better world, even suggesting that dying in an uprising might be a noble sacrifice. As a result, chaos and violence are acceptable outcomes for achieving a utopian society.

On the face of it, most of the demonstrators are hostage to hysterical psychosis. However, one cannot dismiss their experiences as untrue when they appear very real to them. For them, it is very frightening. It affects their behavior and disrupts their lives. They can become tired, overwhelmed, anxious, scared, threatened, and confused. They find it very difficult to trust certain organizations or individuals.

Regrettably, there is no room for dialogue or even appeasement with the psychotic crowds of the left. Furthermore, their leaders have invested too much political and financial capital to shrink back from the abyss.

Locke wrote, “for rebellion being an opposition, not to persons, but to authority, which is founded only in the constitutions and laws of the government, those, whoever they are, who by force breakthrough, and by force justify their violation of them, are truly and properly rebels.”

And according to Hobbes, ”rebellion against the government is never justified.” “No matter how badly the government mistreats you, the state of nature is worse—so just deal with it.” “We want to avoid the state of nature because it makes life 'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

From the Britannica: insurrection is an organized and usually violent act of revolt or rebellion against the established government or governing authority of a nation-state or other political entity by a group of its citizens or subjects; also, any act of engaging in such a revolt. And of sedition, which is an incitement to revolt or rebellion.

The Jewish people are currently standing at a pivotal historical juncture that calls for the strong, composed leadership of a Ben-Gurion or Begin. Will Bibi hesitate or seize the moment and make Jewish history?

Malcolm Dash was until retirement Director of Operations at the Israel Institute for Strategic (IISS) Studies In 1968 he made Aliyah from Cape Town where he had studied economics and business administration at Cape Town University, served in the IDF including service during the “1973 Yom Kippur” war and work in a volunteer capacity with the Public Diplomacy Section “Hasbara” of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He later founded the Association for Israel-international Affairs and successfully arranged private briefings and seminars for the embassies of China, India, and Vietnam.

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