Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Gerer "tzadikkim" Come To Court To Support the Pedophile


The Evilness of the Gerer Askanim
Although everyone has heard the horrifying recordings of their "tachshit", the Chasidishe ass'kanim continue to support the accused in sexual assaults and violence against his wife and younger sister-in-law. Today they came to the court again with a smile on their faces to support him. 

And the Rebbe continues to silently support the pedophile 

The following "tzaddikim showed up in court:

יהודה ברסלר
שמחה ברסלר
יהודה בינקה
שמחה ברלינר


Anonymous said...

Such people will never change their ways, stay in the midst and risk your children or get out and save your family

Anonymous said...

Ger has a history of oversexualizing their peoples' lives.
This behavior was already cultivated for generations, calling idiotic followers of this aberration "Scharfe yungeleit", who are making their wives suffer for the Rebbe's sake. The Chassidus has specially appointed so-called "Kommandanten" who pry into the sex lives of young couples and are known to viciously destroy young lives. Gerrer chassidim are known to be "meshuggeh le dovor echod" (or "acher" if you wish). They suppress normal behavior by pumping youngsters full of hormones changing drugs. This criminal behavior will not change any time soon for two reasons: 1. Ger has a demented leadership and the chassidim are "farkisheft" from their rebbe.2. There is tons of money at play in this scamming enterprise.