Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Der Yid's Moral Values


This is the latest edition of the Satmar Yiddish Weekly called "Der Yid"

On the byline on the bottom on the extreme right, they report on the  protests organized by the Eida Hachreidis against stores that sell phones in Yerushalayim without the "hashgacha" of the extremists.

 What's interesting is that the store they target on a daily basis in Geula does not carry any "smart phones". I know that store very well and I shop there from my phone accessories.  I understand that the Eida Hachreidis extorts money from storekeepers to force them to get  "The Hashgacha." And this particular storekeeper told me that he will not cave in, despite them destroying his property countless times. He says he has high rent and cannot afford the exorbitant Hashgacha fees, and abides by the Gedoilim's decree that "Smartphones" are prohibited, but refuses to pay them "mafia fees"

But I'm getting away from what I really want to talk about and that's the hypocrisy of the editors of Der Yid!

Side by side on the left side of this report, on the bottom of the page,  Der Yid reports on the latest story that the Biden's Justice department will allow most Federal inmates that committed white collar crimes to go free.
The byline of this report has the caption: הודו לה' "Thanks to Hashem"

The editors don't see the irony of these stories that they placed side by side.
The readers of this rag get the impression that to defraud people, banks and the US government  the "Medina shel Chesed" is fine but to own a smartphone is going against the Torah! 

Don't get me wrong I'm all for frum Jews who are rotting in Federal Correctional facilities to get a break and I support the efforts of the askanim who lobbied for this, but reading Der Yid's front page headlines seeing which stories they lend importance to, makes me cringe! 

They had no story about a frum man who infiltrated Chareidie society to contaminate and abuse innocent Chareidie women and children. One of the tzaddikim who eulogized Chaim Walder the monster, said that he  owned no "smart phone"!
Chareidim  backed  Nechemya Weberman a fake therapist who tortured  and burned his victims with cigarettes, and they backed Yisrael Weingarten who was convicted of sleeping with his own daughters .
 Weberman and Weingarten did not own  a "smartphone"

I find the placement of these two stories very sick.... 

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