Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bnei Brak Library Burns all of its Walder Books at his grave on his "Shloishim"



Uriah’s Wife said...

Too bad The Satmar Rebbe’s books weren’t included in the book burning.

Anonymous said...

FAKE NEWS. it wasnt the Bnei Brak library

Mrs. Walder said...

You must be a troll'because the entire Chareidie media is reporting that it was the Bnei Braq library. and the one that runs the library is actually seen on one of the videos

Anonymous said...

People are missing the point.
It's not about the books. It's not about him. There will always be dishonest and evil people in the community, that's why there are police and jails.
The anger and rage should primarily be directed at the cult like mentality that allowed him to continue raping innocent children for decades.
The cult like mentality that wouldn't allow victims to come forward and go to the police so that he wouldn't have hundreds of victims.
The cult like mentality that punished victims if they did come forward, and which ostracized not only the victims but their whole families, forcing them to chose between silence and the shame and suffering of their whole family losing their jobs and all their siblings being expelled from school.
The cult like mentality that allowed Rabbonim in Bnei Brak, who knew for decades about him and did nothing, yet two journalists in a few weeks accomplished that which Rabbonim couldn't do for decades.
The cult like behavior that supported him and hence persecuted victims, making them feel they were being raped again and again, resulting in one suicide.
Victims must be encouraged to come forward and told they are believed, because that victim could be your daughter or sister, otherwise rapists will continue to rape.
PS I have read comments where people have tremendous difficulty burying loved ones who have suicided in Jewish cemetaries, yet he had no trouble, and in addition has a mega metzava adorned with absolute lies (eg he helped (himself to) young vulnerable children).
I'd also like all his victims to sue the estate as compensation and disincentive for other rapists.

Mendel said...

Absolutely totally agree

concerned said...

Do all those that burn Walder's books refrain from singing songs from Shloima Carlbach too??

Mrs Walder said...

Those who burned the monster's books will continue to sing Harav Charlbach's songs. Whatever Harav Carlbach did, he did publicly. He kissed and hugged both women and men in public. He was never accused of rape, and was never accused by anyone while he was still alive. Two of the women who accused him of molestation after death were seen on videos running and hugging him in public. One particular lady interviewed by a well known magazine was later found to be a serial liar, as she had a record of accusing at least two other men of the same charge. She was one ugly duckling and it's hard to believe any of her stories.
So yes, we will continue to be inspired by the great songs of Harav Shlomo Carlbach who was the sweetest of the sweet and the deepest of the deep!