Monday, January 24, 2022

Toldos Avraham Rebbe and R' Shimon Dov Brandsdorfer Stand by as Their Followers Break Down a Kosher Cell Phone Store!


This storekeeper doesn't sell any smartphones at all, he sells only Kosher phones but refuses to be intimidated by the Eida Hachreidis Terrorists!

Hundreds of Chassidim of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak sect demonstrated outside a cellular phone store in central Geula Sunday evening. The chasidim were dispersed by police, who used water cannon and other dispersal methods on the  gathering .

Initially police attempted to protect the store from the angry protesters, who included the Admor of Toldos Avraham Yitzchak as well as other senior members of the sect including Rabbi Shimon Dov Bransdorfer and Rabbi Shmuel Bransdorfer who spoke to the gathering.

After the rabbis spoke the crowd sparred with police. Some of the assembled protesters succeeded in bypassing police and breaking open the door of the store. Six protesters were arrested and traffic was backed up on Malchei Israel street as police dispersed the demonstration.

Police released a statement saying that ” a short time after the beginning of protests at the site, tens of rioters began creating a public disturbance and blocking the street. Later they caused damage to a store, attacked police and damaged a police van. After police told them to disperse and they continued to demonstrate, police arrested three suspects for allegedly causing damage and public disturbance. Two policemen were lightly injured and received treatment at the scene.”

Demonstrators have stepped up their struggle in the last few weeks against three stores selling non-kosher phones in the Geula neighborhood. Some of the protesters explained to Kikar Hashabat that they simply wish to prevent their children from being exposed to internet. “Those who want to sell non-kosher phones can do so on Jaffa street, we don’t know why they come to our neighborhood. We’re not demonstrating against all stores in Jerusalem.”

A few weeks ago one of the three stores was targeted by protesters who attempted to set it on fire. Another store had its window smashed but continues to be active in the neighborhood.


frum but normal said...

Why wasn't that so called ADMOR gangster handcuffed and hauled away and charged.
That is the only way this gangsterism and terrorism will stop, time to take off the silk gloves when handling these treasonous sewer rats

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, can you please post recordings or at least an honest transcript of what the rabbis were saying. Were they misled to believe that the stores were selling non kosher phones? What exactly were they saying?

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could make sense is that the stores are selling phones that aren't kosher lechol hadayos, and apparently not kosher by the standards of much of the community that lives there. I don't believe what's being reported here that what they're selling meets the standard and it's only about the official certification. DIN, please report accurately. You'll still have lots of readers on your side regarding the demonstrating, but accurate reporting please.

Ferd said...

Ich hub gemeint that the Toldos AY Rebbe is above the fray of the street thugs & savages?

Dusiznies said...

I don't need recordings, everyone who lives in the neighborhood knows that store very well as do I. He sells only kosher phones. The Rabbanim want him to get a "Teuda" which cost "mucho denaro" and he refuses to cave into the Toldos Ahron mafia!
Now what's even more important is the fact that even he did did sell cellphones, he obviously has customers from the neighborhood that are buying them, it's not like he is selling Playboy Magazines that can be seen, if there was no demand he wouldn't have the supplies
Yet At least three known Rabbanim stood by and witnessed these parasites destroying property and said nothing...
I stand by everything I wrote
Shame on them,!

Maria said...

Isn't the holy Admor mechuton of the Leifer of Chust-Elad? Pictures in heimishe newspapers of him going to Emanuel to visit his beloved mechutan and the mechutainisteh before she departed to face the Australian justice system. So he is okay with that stuff but not with celphones? You don't pick your relatives but you do pick your mechutonim in chassidic circles.

Kalonymous Monk said...

Well , at least they don't wear any woolen clothes, in order to avoid shaatnez!!!

Rav Bam Bam said...

It's not about "what were the rabbis saying"
Who gives a flying F what they were saying! How do people that represent Torah stand by and watch their chassidim damage property like the blacks in the riots?
Are you comparing these Rabbis to Al Sharpton?? Why is this different than the riots in Portland?

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous who posted earlier. There is wrong and there there is frivolous. I could be believe that those rabbi could do something wrong but I don't believe that they have no reason. If it's as you say about the teuda for the mucho dinero, there must be some presentable rationalle for that, even if in the final analysis it's wrong. And maybe it's for good reason. I don't know. And I will continue not to know until some fair reporting happens about this.

Garnel Ironheart said...

They can't go to the army because that would take them away from the yeshiva but this they have time for.
They can't go to the army because their learning is the true defence of the state but they have time to go out and protest draft laws.
They can't go to the army because their learning brings down what they need from Heaven but the minute they feel threatened, they stop learning to run around outside!

Frum but normaL said...

DIN, even you have it wrong, even if this store was selling phones without a hechsher, these gangsters have absolutely no right to riot and destroy private property, ' IT'S NOT ANY OF THEIR BLANKETY BLANK BUSINESS"
Who the hell do these ignorant savage sewer rats think they are.

These same SEWER RATS keep on rioting every day against the light rail being built in their neighborhood, and this is done with the encouragement of their so called leaders.

These treasonous gangsters and their leaders need to be rounded up and given long prison sentences