Sunday, January 16, 2022

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who was held hostage at his synagogue spoke out about the experience in a Facebook post and doesn't mention "G-D"


Thanks everyone except for his Creator!

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, the rabbi who was held hostage at his synagogue Saturday along with three others, spoke out about the experience for the first time in a Facebook post Sunday morning.

He wrote:
I am thankful and filled with appreciation for
All of the vigils and prayers and love and support,
All of the law enforcement and first responders who cared for us,
All of the security training that helped save us.
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for the CBI Community, the Jewish Community, the Human Community.
I am grateful that we made it out.
I am grateful to be alive.

He added to the post in a comment: “Now that I’ve put this out, maybe I can finally get to sleep. Sending love and compassion to all!”

Cytron-Walker was leading services on Saturday morning when a man took him and three others hostage, reportedly in an effort to free a woman who was convicted of attempting to kill American military personnel.

The crisis, which streamed online for some time before being taken down, drew the world’s attention to a rabbi who is in many ways synonymous with the synagogue he leads.

After a 12-hour standoff with the attacker, all four hostages were freed. The suspect, whose name has not been released, died at the scene.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Well if he acknowledged God, he'd have some problems
1) God helped him. Does that mean he has to show some gratitude? Might that not be just whatever he thinks but something specific that he might not want to do?
2) No doubt his attacker also believes in God and thought He was on his side. To thank God implies that He was, in fact, not and isn't that a bit judgemental?

Frum but normal said...

At least this guy is honest, he doesn't believe in God, so why should he lie?

As opposed to a lot of so called frum people who talk about God 24/7, but deep down have absolutely no EMUNAH,and behave in private exactly as an atheist would.
we all know quiet a few of these guys

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that he's anti-Israel, as well.

Anonymous said...

If you look out for a low-life rabbi, look no further.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Uriah’s Wife said...

Well, maybe there’s a reason not to thank the Creator.
Every time he is thanked, he seems to think he’s not being thanked enough and we end up with hate-filled massacres like the Oct. 2018 attack on Or L’Simcha shul in Pittsburg Pa., or the the 2015 shooting and murder of nine African-American church-goers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.
Maybe it is better not to invoke God. It couldn’t hurt.