Friday, January 21, 2022

A World of Sheker ... Compare Tombstones of R' Shlomo Zalman Auernach, R' Shteinman With the "Menuval" Walder


עלמא דשיקרי


cyrano said...

First off, Chaim Walder is not deserving of respect neither in life nor after his death.

Having said that it is critical that any comments or comparisons must be contextually honest, lest it be charged that these statements are without merit.

A comparison between the tombstone inscriptions of the great Tzaddikim Rav Shlomo Zalman Orbach and Rav Aron Leib Steinman of blessed memory to that of Chaim Walder is ill-conceived. These Tzaddikim gave specific instructions as to what they wished to have inscribed on their respective Matzayvos, namely nothing more than their names.

The Nusach on the tombstone of Chaim Walder, on the other hand was composed by his family, who are understandably in denial of his nefarious activities.

Perhaps a better analogy would be to compare Chaim Walder's tombstone with the grandiose matzayvoh of Shlomo Carlebach who was accused of similar misdeeds and yet was given a free pass. Indeed, Lillith magazine asserted 20 years ago that Carlebach was guilty of sexual abuse of girls in their early teens and that he groped girls as young as 12 years old.

To me, those stories are not anecdotal; I witnessed these acts with my own eyes.

To forgive the misdeeds of one abuser because of his charming and disarming personality, while condemning another abuser is unfair to the victims of these psychopaths.

Dusiznies said...

There is no comparison between the Monster Walder and Harav Shlomo Carlbach, none whatsoever.
Walder besides raping many of his victims also had consensual sex with multiple married women, who had to subsequently get divorced, destroying many marriages.
The Lillith article appeared years after Harav Carlbach's demise... years AFTER! He wasn't alive to defend himself. In addition no one accused him of having affairs with married women. No one even accused him of rape. He is being accused of forcibly kissing and one claims that he rubbed himself against her, she has since retracted that claim.
I saw him many times, and saw him openly kissing and hugging both men and women. This was in public and I would see many women run to him to get a hug and a kiss, they would throw themselves at him.
I am not condoning his behavior but to compare these two comes from hatred, not knowledge.
Also Carlbach's stories were not about his victims nor did he make a living from that, Walder profited from writing about his victims.
Also I will not allow anyone to disgrace the memory of the great Carlbach on my blog, go somewhere else.