Sunday, January 16, 2022

Rabbi of Reform Temple that was attacked Called Israel an "Apartheid State" & Didn't Allow members to be armed!



Scam Texas Reform Temple does not represent Judaism said...

Shame on Agudath Israel and all the woke "Orthodox" or "Haredim" that fell over themselves to stand with this scam Temple and scam "Rabbi" that supports toeivah and various chazerai.

A Reform Temple and minister like this like this does not represent Judaism. They distort, contort, and destroy it.

Garnel Ironheart said...

What's the old Yiddish saying? Man plans, God laughs.

Uriah’s Wife said...

You’re stupidly wrong for condemning this Rabbi for his stand supporting “toeiva” and various “chazeri” However, this Rabbi is stupidly idiotic in condemning Isrsel as an apartheid state. Islamists will compliment the Rabbi for his brave anti-Zionist stand and claim that Allah saved him and his congregants for his brave stand.