Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Lady Rabbi Sara Zober says that the Texas terrorist's "life matters too"


This "rabbi" is one very sick puppy" The word "Zober" in Yiddish means clean but she is the opposite, she is a filthy stooge for the Arab terrorists 


Anonymous said...

Cool it!
This is a parody on BLM.
Not a bad one, at that!

Garnel Ironheart said...

Well from a strictly logical perspective, she's right. We pray that the sinner will do teshuva, not die in sin. (I doubt she knows that Gemara in the origina) So the ideal would've been for the terrorist to drop his gun, walk out of the chur... temple and quietly let the police take him away, all while admitting he was wrong. That would've been best.
However, I think she is more worried about him than the victims and that's why she's releasing this statement.

Baal Ha Boss said...

She is saying a similar idea to what the Charedi press said about Walder

Irrationalist Judaism said...

what a kaka

Dusiznies said...

This is not a parody