Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Eida Hachreidis Allowed the Chister Rebbe to continue to Molest as Rebbe for 30 years


Chillul Hashem!

The Eida Hachreidis knew for 30 years that the Chister Rebbe is a serial Sex Abuser and not only did they enable this vile creature to continue as rebbe they actually supported him.

30 years ago this fiend opened up a Yeshiva and of course a mikva in Givat Shaul after he was kicked out of Bobov because he was a danger to the boys in Yeshiva.

In Givat Shaul over 15 boys complained to the Eida Hachreidis Bais Din that the Chistar Rebbe was a dangerous serial sexual predator .

So what did the Eida Hachreidis do after they investigated and found all the boys credible? 

They banished him from Givat Shaul and told him to move to the town of  Emanual.

But he couldn't stay there too long ; when he continued doing "Maaseh Sdom"  the parents wanted to kill him. 

The Eida was notified and said they can no longer control him, but refused to publicize and warn the Chareidie communities of  this murderer of children. They said it was " mesirah." He also didn't own a "smartphone" so he was still a Tzaddik.

Meanwhile the monster moved to Elad and opened a chassidishe court and continued to molest countless children with the full knowledge of the Eida!

After the Elad community got wind of the fact that they have a murderer in their midst they started to make his life miserable and so he moved to Beit Shemesh. Beit Shemesh has enough of Chassidishe and non-Chassidishe molesters and didn't need  another one, so they sent him packing.

He then settled in Ramat Shlomo in Yerushalayim, his familiar hunting grounds, and continued to fulfil his sexual fantasies, taking advantage of young innocent children.

Finally one of them after getting fed up with the Gedoilim looking away and covering up for these murderers, and making Walder a martyr, made a complaint in the Beit Shemesh Police Department, and he was finally arrested!

The hands of the  Eida Hachreidis' hands are full of blood !

But nothing will change unless the victims continue to report these to the secular authorities. Hopefully the tide has changed.

My Friends this is only the beginning, there are now at least 20 active police investigations against Roshei Yeshiva and Chassidishe Rebbes.

 Just last night a "big beard" got arrested for molesting his own daughters for years! You can read the "gag order" below signed by the judge in the case.

Some of their stories make Berland a Tzaddik!


Professor Ryesky said...

"They banished him from Givat Shaul and told him to move to the town of Emanual."

Isn't that where Malka Leifer was living?

Anonymous said...

i guess we have to ask MECHILA from NUCHEM ROSENBERG, who has claimed for years now,that a large percentage of Rebbes, Roshey yeshivas, Rabbonim are molesters and perverts and should be sitting in jail.

Yanki said...

Malka Leifer is his daughter in law

Mendel said...

I think ? that’s another case that came out this week