Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Devastating Week For the Chareidim as Many Are Arrested For Molestation

 This video below is in Yiddish, but he is reporting about a deluge of  arrests this past week of Chareidie molesters including a Chassidishe rebbe. 

The Chareidie world knew about these people for years but kept quiet. 

I have to laugh at these people that say about Walder, well there wasn't a real Bais Din, there were no witnesses, leave him alone he is dead! 

If the Chareidie leadership knew about these perverts for years and did nothing why are they upset about the two reporters from Haaretz? They actually did a very good thing, saving the lives of many Chareidie victims.

א רבי אראסטירט א מבול פון חרדישע מאלעסטערס


Mendel said...

He seems to know what he’s talking about, as there are 11 case files open currently in Israel involving Rebbe’s and Rabbonim and askonim

Kalonymous Monk said...

Can't have chilonim doing the mitzvah of Biarta haRa, that is why they are mad at haaretz.

Anonymous said...

Who is he?