Monday, January 17, 2022

How the Chevra Kadisha of Israel Extorts thousands of Shekels just like the Mafia


All Israeli citizens are entitled to a FREE burial spot in the city that they lived in. But that doesn't stop the Chevra Kadisha gangsters from selling those spots which is against the law! They also target graves of children and transfer the bodies to other unknown places and then sell those plots!

 תחום הקבורה בארץ כבר עמד במרכזן של פרשיות שוחד, מעילות בכספים ועוד. למרות זאת, חברות קדישא בערים שונות ממשיכות לגבות אלפי שקלים בניגוד לחוק, להטעות את משפחות האבלים ולפעול ללא רישיון כלל.


Anonymous said...

The Chasideshe chevra kadish in Jerusalm often tell the person that we don't have any record of you paying for the plot, when in truth they paid in full many years ago. If you produce proof of payment, you must pay COD.

First class MFIA crooks.

Mendel said...

We are our own worst enemy, we have no real g’doilim enymore, no one to guid us, no one to save us from ourselves, the whole frummer world is guided by money

Professor Ryesky said...

Back in the States, an Israeli told me his Chevra Kadisha story. I asked him why he didn't kill the rabbi who pulled the shtick on him!

Mendel said...

This is exactly why the state must take control over everything, this, meron everything, you can definitely not trust the frummers

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so !!
I mean what's the shaila ?!?!

When Rabbonim are getting millions to push a vaccine that is not proven and misquote medical studies why would you expect them to care about what happens to the dearly departed ?

Come on Man !

Anonymous said...

Maybe Amudim can help

Is there money in this ?