Friday, January 28, 2022

School Board Bans Pulitzer-Winning Graphic Novel About the Holocaust Because It Contained Photos of "Naked Mice"


The board cited the inclusion of the words “God Damn” and drawings of “naked pictures” in “Maus,” though the pictures are of mice.

A Tennessee school board barred schools from teaching a beloved graphic novel about the Holocaust in an unanimous vote the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The move to ban Art Spiegelman’s Maus, first reported by The Tennessee Holler [], is the latest in a wave of book banning sweeping the country, particularly school districts in conservative areas.

The McMinn County school board’s 10 members voted to axe Maus from curricula and school libraries, citing its use of the phrase “God Damn” and its drawings of “naked pictures,” though those are cartoon mice.

School members said the ban was not related to the book’s depiction of the Holocaust as it tells the story of author Spiegelman’s father in German concentration camps, with Jews depicted as mice and Nazis as cats. Serialized over nearly a decade, it was collected in a book that in 1992 became the first, and so far the only, graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize.

Asked for comment on Wednesday evening, Spiegelman sent The Daily Beast a bookmark he designed for Banned Books Week a few years ago:



Jm46 said...

I completely agree. Children do not need to be exposed to inappropriate drawings to learn about the Holocaust. This book is fiction anyway. This is a fake controversy. They should have them read REAL Holocaust stories instead.

Joe Magdeburger said...

Although this decision was idiotic in the extreme, there is a widespread problem in American schools with pornographic books advocating and instructing children in homo and heterosexual promiscuity. There absolutely should be parentally controlled censorship in schools. This particular incident was, however, brain dead dumb.

Jm46 said...

I was thinking about this and i realize that the fake news media tricked you into falling for their typical manipulative nonsense. This is a non story. The school didn't ban ANN FRANK or any other holocaust book. They banned a book that they felt had inappropriate content for young children. This has nothing to do with the holocaust at all. The holocaust is being used as a weapon to stop any questioning of Critical race theory teachings. The fake news media wants to act that by conservatives banning CRT teaching it leaves the door open to holocaust teachings being banned as well. This is exactly the tactics the left uses and unfortunately everyone is falling for it