Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bnei-Brak Youth are leaving the fold in the thousands

We are losing hundreds and hundreds of children going on drugs, killing themselves .

 Just today a child killed himself in Williamsburg and according to a Chareidie askan, this is a going trend.  This askan claims that it is far worse in Israel by those raised in Meah Shearim and by the Toldos Avram Yitzchok Chassidius. He states that the boys and girls frustrated with their restrictive lives are killing themselves. I will post an audio by this askan soon. 

The Chareidie leadership is blaming this on the internet, on lack of tznees, and the smartphones. They have yet to address this and as long as they don't this will continue ..

The video below discusses the Bnei-Brak Teenagers that are roaming the streets by the thousands. 


Joselito said...

Tsufit Grant is the former wife of avrumele grant former chelsea and israel national team coach. She is now the new wife of Shil Rand.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps raping or letting your kids get raped might have something to do with it. Definition of a cult.

Anonymous said...

"We knew for decades that so and so was raping kids...."
But did nothing...

Richie said...

The words in פרקי אבות:

יפה תלמוד תורה אם דרך ארץ שיגיעת שניהם משכחת עוון

If you distort authentic Yiddishkeit, there will be consequences.

But, hey ho, maybe that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is majorly heartbreaking.
Really too big to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Cults cannot continue indefinitely

Unknown said...

The Charayde Chasidic sects are not Jewish! They rebelled against the Rabbonim, broke off from Klal Yisroel, and forned their own type of faith. In return, the lead Rav HaGra/Vilna Gaon, Beis Din of Vilna and one thousand Rabbonim of Europe and Middle East(Ashkanasic & Sephardic)CHEREMED-Excommunicated them out of Judaism! The Charayde "Litvaish" factions, took traditional normative historical "Orthodoxy" to Machmir zealouness! Sexual
misconduct by them is covered up ipso facto sexual predators continue unabated and more victims. Many of the Charayde youth have left the because of predatory mosters among them!