Saturday, January 1, 2022

Bais Yaakov Boro Park Sends Letter to Parents..."Talking about the Rapist Walder is Loshon Hara"



Yaacov David Shulman said...

To be fair, it didn't say that. It might have been referring to people speaking negatively of Rav Edelshtein or Rav Aviner or Rav Tau or Yated Neeman, and so forth.

Brisker said...

Horav DIN, gut voch & yasher koyach for posting this.

Although this letter is still misguided, it is much better than the ones from many other mosdos who sound like they have become completely insane in their binge to protect the abuser.

I received this email which I'm not sure if it's a dark joke or if things have takka sunk to this:

בעצת גדולי ישראל נוסח המצבה ששלחו המשפחה:

נפש נקי וצדיק

איש ירא אלוקים

הרב חיים אליעזר ולדר זצ"ל

בן הרב שלמה שיבדלחט"א

נלב"ע בדמי ימיו כ"ד טבת תשפ"ב

רבים השיב מעוון , חינך בדרך המסורה מפי מרנן ורבנן גדולי האומה

עסק וביצר חומות ההשקפה החינוך הטהור והדת

חסדיו וצדקותיו לנצח עומדים


ע"פ צוואתו :

לשון הרע לא מדבר אלי

הוזמן היום אצל וייס מצבות ושיש

Anonymous said...

may include, like may contain nuts, does not mean it for sure has nuts

yehuda Shain said...

How disgusting and unsensitive to the real situation.
Talk to the girls and explain to them how to deal with predators, don't play ostrich, it doesn't exist.

What if would be your daughter or wife.

Get out of chinuch now and close up your school, it's not meant for Jewish students.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Frank: Ke'shmo lo keyn hu.

Anonymous said...

lemme get this straight, the crisis is our fault... the crisis is that our children will know... that a person we took for a good person actually turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing

our children getting raped was not the problem.... the unspeakable horror's of what Waldman did that was NOT the problem!?!?!

what is wrong with people in our Chinuch System?!?!

Garnel Ironheart said...

Could've said "Instead of focusing on him, talk to your children about the existence of people like him. Focus on how some adults might do things that are not appropriate. That it is always safe for them to come and tell you and that you will believe them, support them and make efforts to protect them" (unless Daas Torah tells you not to because it would make the community look bad)

Anonymous said...

It's very very simple. Agree

Dusiznies said...

Yaacov David Shulman
It's obvious that you didn't read the letter