Sunday, August 2, 2020

How A Boro-Park Rebbetzin is Encouraging Young Families to Move To Florida Instead of Eretz Yisrael

In the “living Section” of last week’s Ami Magazine, there was an article featuring Rebbetzin Malka Taussig, wife of the Rav of Beled, under the heading
 “Escaping New York.”

The article written by Victoria Dwek, touted the Rebbetzin’s great work on luring young Chassidishe families to Tampa Florida where a new development, which will  accommodate 2,500 homes…is being built.

Reading the article, on Shabbos Nachmu, I was astonished and disturbed to learn how leaders of the Chassidishe Communities in the year 2020, the year of Covid-19, are still excited and proud of the fact that they will lure thousands of frum  souls from Boro-Park, Williamsburg, Monroe, Monsey and Lakewood and move them to another state in Chutz-Le’aaretz…

When asked how quickly this project will come to fruition, she enthusiastically said,”in the fall,” and like the Tzadikis that she is, she compared this to the building of the "Third Bais Hamikdash" :

“I told my husband, we learn that the third Beis Hamikdash will come down in one piece, but we truly began to understand how that could be, when we saw this big map of the area, with all their homes and a place for the school and community facilities, already planned and waiting for us.”

Barf! ........Barf! 

She "learned" how the “Third Bais Hamikdash will be built” from a building project in Tampa Florida! 

Mrs. Dwek writes why the Beleder Rebbetzin chose Florida:

“Let’s move to a red state. Red states are those where Republicans lead the state governments. Taxes tend to be lower in many of those states, regulations tend to be more business-friendly, and the environment is also usually friendlier towards religious groups and their needs" 

But listen carefully to the holy words from the lips of the “tzneesdeki” “shpitzel” wearing Rebbitzen:

“They are dismantling police departments in bits and pieces and taking away the authority of what policemen can do at a crime scene. It’s dangerous. They’ve allowed business to be destroyed. People are afraid to go into Manhattan. Store windows were broken, pogrom-style, and the mayor condones it. When riots broke out, red states did not tolerate looting like blue states did.”
“For it to come to a situation where Agudah couldn’t influence Cuomo to open camps… we know that it had nothing to do with coronavirus.”


“A lot of people live their lives pretending that this isn’t happening around us. We pretend not to be bothered by it. But we don’t know where it will end.”

Listen and weep at her blasphemous words, shlepping Hashem, into her treacherous scheme.

“When I saw how things began to unfold, it almost didn’t make sense. I saw so much Hashgacha Pratis every step of the way.”
And added …
“We know that uprooting is not simple, But, be’ezras Hashem, everyone who comes down there should be able to call it a success story.” “It’s a zechus that I am able to organize this. I see how excited people are about it. They feel like they’ve being liberated.” We’re still in galus, but at least we’ll be able to ride the galus in a better place.

She calls herself the “Beled Rebbetzin” … 
Question: where is Beled?
No not the one Boro-Park……
I'm talking about the City of Beled in Europe….?
How “excited” were her ancestors when they first moved to Beled centuries ago?
I'm sure they also  “felt liberated!”
Didn't they feel then when they first immigrated to the Shtetel Beled that Beled would be a "safe place" and that they would “be able to ride the galus in this better place, Beled?”
I'll bet they did, they had the same and if not more the enthusiasm as their "Tampa" descendants..

How many Jews still live in Beled? 
Better yet…. How many Jews from Beled were murdered? How many survived?
Where is the shul in Beled… is it now a stable where horses crap, or was it totally destroyed?

Nowhere in the entire eight pages dedicated to this Rebbetzin with her grand altruistic ideas, is the word Eretz Yisrael mentioned … No where !
Not even in an apologetic way..not even saying with "regret"…
 “I wish we could go to Eretz Yisrael”…. Nope . It  never crossed her mind …. 
She sure wasn’t from the daughters of Tzlafchad, that desired a piece of land in Eretz Yisrael..

Ironically, this article appeared when the entire Jewish world  read Parshas Ve’eschanan, where the Torah describes how Moshe Rabbeinue  pleads to Hashem begging to enter Eretz Yisrael and the Medrish states that Moshe told Hashem, that if he couldn't enter Eretz Yisrael as a human being then he was prepared to enter Eretz Yisrael as a small animal..
Can you imagine?

Have we learned nothing from Jewish History? 
Have we given 5 minutes of thought of why Hashem sent this virus?
Why Hashem closed our Moisdois Ha’Torah, Our Batei Midrashim, our parnassah, our Weddings, Bar-Mitzvas etc etc…

How quickly have we we sunk into the “tumedika”mentality way of thinking, of trying to find a safe haven in a world where all countries .... all ...want to kill us... no ..not deport us.. ... but kill us ..

“Oh … let’s go to a red state” …. How insane is this remark?

How is it.... that a Chassidishe Rebbetzin, and I presume  that she is very "te'mimisdik", doesn't have any yearning in the very recesses of her heart to return to her ancestral homeland, a country that is ready and able to welcome her and the 500 hundred families that she is encouraging to uproot to another state? The year is 2020, one need not be a pioneer any longer.
There is no indication in the entire interview that Eretz Yisrael is in any way related to her and her saintly husband the Rav of Beled. None! 

How is it that Chareidie girls from Chareidie moisdois have no connection to Eretz Yisrael? None what-so-ever?
What sort of "chinuch" are they getting that they are not aware that they are in the diaspora and that they will never find peace in Chutz Le'aaretz?

What was she thinking when her tzaddik, her husband, shouted out by the Seder .."Leshana Habbah be'Yerushalyim" "next year in Jerusalem" ... was she laughing in her heart? 
or was she thinking "Leshana Habbah be'Tampa Florida?"

She is proud of her Chassidishe heritage ....  

Question: Is the founder of the movement, the Baal Shem Tov, looking down from Gan Eden and listening to this interview ..proud?

Did her grandparents from Beled daven so that their grandchild should be a leader of a group that is boasting and excited to shlep innocent sheep to graze in a land steeped in materialism... ? 

If her Beled ancestors could only speak to her... 
what do you think they would tell her?

Wouldn't they tell her .... 
"We also looked forward to living with goyim in peace.... we thought that we 'could ride out the galus' in this better place ... but we were slaughtered like pigs." "Don't do it! Don't do it for your sake and the sake of your grandchildren" There is nothing that Tampa could offer you ... there is no future there for Jewish people..." 

Did she even entertain the idea that any red state can turn blue in a matter of seconds ….?

How fast did the virus paralyze the entire world… how long did it take?
How long will it take for Florida to turn blue?

Shame on Victoria Dwek who is in awe of this misguided "Rebbitzen" 

And a Message to the Rebbetzin from DIN...
I searched for the town of Beled on a map and  couldn't find it....... 
I couldn't .....but  ....Hitler did find it.



See ya later said...

Somehow I don't think Chassidishe are prepared for Florida coast living just north of the Everglades swamp where alligators sauntering across the front lawn are a regular occurrence. Some of them are 15 foot or longer maneaters & the only predator that can kill a 20+ foot python. This is why all other wildlife including deer & jaguars are basically extinct down there.

And never mind Zika & Chukungaya.

500 mishpuches is only the first phase. There are plans for 2500 homes.

It wasn't the Beled Ruv's idea originally. Agudah Fresser Leon Goldenberg was on the front page of the magazine a year ago telling everyone to move to Florida & Texas. He has a personal vendetta against Cuomo whose Socialist policies are making all major landlords take a major financial hit. Cuomo has been furious at Leon since that article.

Shvartza Shakedown said...

moshiachnow said...

The problem is that they are abandoning a Jewish neighborhood.The Lubavitcher Rebbe said
"Those who move from Jewish
communities like Crown Heights
are damaging the neighborhood
as a whole, and are impacting all
other Jewish communities across
the globe, where people will
realize that this is a way to take
advantage of a weakness among
2. Aside for being prohibited by
halacha, it is also foolish to
move away from an established
community. Instead, the focus is
to be on building and expanding
the community.
3. Those who focus on maintaining
these communities will be
rewarded with abundant s’char.
The Rebbe followed these
conclusions by saying:
“If after all that has been stated, one is ready to disregard all of these concerns and still sell his home, he should take
a moment to imagine that he was an
individual residing in a community of tens of thousands of Yidden, and that he was told that his neighbor was selling his home under the above mentioned circumstances. Think to yourself honestly, whether you would like this decision or not. When you have made your earnest decision, be sure to follow the Torah’s rule (and not just a rule but
“כולה התורה כל :(“ :(“Do not do unto your
fellow that which you dislike"

Who says Florida can't flip and become Democratic? Who says Florida will like it when they see increasing needs for government spending? Vote Cuomo and DeBlasio, etc. out of office instead of trying to run away from your problems.

Sabra65 said...

Can she please take along all the drek tuna beigels that have infested monsey? Im sure the alligators can get very full on those rats.

Dusiznies said...

The article stated that she was targeting young families who don't own housing and never did...... and she got commitments from the developer to sell 4-5 bedroom homes from $275,000 - 375,000
Her argument is that for $8,500.00 down ..a young family can own a home...
My problem with her is her outlook ... her hashkafah....vis a vis Eretz Yisrael ....
and with her being sure that Florida will remain true to frum Jews
History has proven otherwise .....

Anonymous said...

Hey Lubav, the Beled kehilla is tiny. They are really taking first time homebuyers who are priced out of Brooklyn and would have anyway moved somewhere like Bloomingberg or Monticello.

You do have a point however of Florida possibly flipping so the smart thing to do is go to an always solidly Red State such as Kansas or Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

And on it goes... same old, same old.
Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1520 seeking the Fountain of Youth ; rejuvenation, youth, replanting wonderful new life. He failed and died. 500 years later , Rebbetzin found it :
It's in Tampa.
I'm imaging holidays there :
Tashlich at the Tampa Bay, driving the family van to Orlando Disney on Chol Hamoed, eating ladies fingers and shmura mishaas ketzirah matzohs in front of the Chinese Pavillion, starting the Tampian seder with " Hashata huchu, beshana habah be'aruh d'yisroel " as the Floridian breeze wafts through my tropical windows, and ending the non-mevushal'd Malaga'd seder with a hearty "Leshana Habah Beeeeee- yerushalayim " and really mean it. Really.

Heck. I'll invite old pals Molly & Mel from South Beach for seders. You know the type --- love to sing Dayeinu, hate Trump, all in for BDS and Climate Change , and can throw in some Yiddish like SHLEP, SHMATTE , BUPKIS, NEBISH .. and weep at Eddie Fischer's rendition of Oh, My Papa...
Esrogim from Hollywood, lulavim from Plantation, arovos/hadassim from Port St. Lucie, and schach from West Palm.

@ moshiachnow….

"......Aside for being prohibited by
halacha, it is also foolish to
move away from an established
community. Instead, the focus is
to be on building and expanding
the community.
3. Those who focus on maintaining
these communities will be
rewarded with abundant s’char……"

Prohibited by which halacha ?...
Outvote Cuomo & DeBastardio… You don't see it's too late ? NYS is dead...!!! The country is disintegrating... Where you at??

Here is a partial list of established Jewish communities presumably held together by halacha and were warned to stay put ..

Crakow, Warsaw,Berlin, Hanover, Sanz, Belz, Gur, Budapest, Munkatch, Pressbourgh, Klausenburg, Satmar, Byalistock, Ziedlec, Radom. Radomsk, Jassy, Bobow, Wroclow, Ostrov, Lodz, Lemberg, Hamburg, Slutz, Slobodka, Vilnius, Alexander, Ruziyn, Grossverdein, Kleinverdein , Wien, Wiznitz, Sadugur, Slonim…. etc..

Where are they now ??
Wake up and smell the coffee !!!!!

the Derby

C ya in a while said...

The Everglades also has the American Crocodile in small numbers.

Alligators usually don't attack people unless they are very hungry or people disturb them. But crocodiles are much more aggressive and will stalk & attack people from far away even when they are full.

The Beled Ruv himself already has experience which such animals. He was the one who that chaya from Montreal told him that he made kidushei ketana on his young daughter. The Beled called Rav Elyashev ztl who told such a lowlife has no neemonus anyway so unless he shows proof we don't believe him.

Meshichist said...

this is another angle to "Moshiach Now!"

"Hirsch and Katz are part of a Hasidic group that believes there should be no participation in politics until the Messiah returns."

Dusiznies said...

You forgot one major city in your list of "established Jewish Communities" in Europe.......

Romanisher Ferd said...

Was DIN active as a boy? Someone must have scared them off!


Alter Ukrainisher said...

Nu! Odessa!

Joe Magdeburger said...

Florida is to Israel what astroturf and plastic flowers are to real grass and flowers. Israel is a gift from G-d. How can we refuse it?

Huh? said...

See ya later said...

"And never mind Zika & Chukungaya."

Zika and Chukungaya? What are they? Other Chasidishe Rebbes?

Is Zika related to Zutchka? Chukungaya to Churtkov?