Friday, August 28, 2020

President Donald Trump Full Acceptance Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention



Dinim of Zayin Mitzvos said...

moyradik speech!

Shvartz Brains Splatter said...

New court documents filed in the case of four former Minneapolis police officers being prosecuted for the death of George Floyd while in custody indicate the coroner found “no physical evidence of asphyxiation” AND a “fatal level” of the synthetic opioid fentanyl in the dead man’s system.

There has also been a fuller video version released which the Left Wing had tried to suppress, which shows Floyd fighting with superhuman strength even after he was handcuffed. This is a known and very dangerous side effect of some narcotics which puts police officers at risk of harm.

The Agudah was grada quick to jump on the Leftist bandwagon to condemn the police officers despite not having examined all the evidence. There were non-Agudah bnei Torah who from day one raised the possibility of just such a scenario that the video & autopsy point to.

That's 'odd' of the Agudah! Because according to Zweibel, no one can repeat a mayseh unless there is solid evidence it happened.

A guest blogger by R' Feivy Mendlowitz has this to say about Zweibel's protest speech:

Zweibel is bent out of shape because the mechaber's father was the recently niftar talmid chochom muflog, Rav Moshe Homnick, who was R' Shmuel Berenbaum's chavrusa when the rosh yeshiva was freshly off the boat from Shangchai, and then one of R' Aron Kotler's prized talmidim. And Zweibel knows that the mechaber Yaakov Dovid Homnick, who is himself a lamdan having written 20 seforim on Shas, measures his words very carefully & responsibly as deputy editor of The American Spectator magazine.

The article went viral when some popular bloggers picked up on it. They include Rabbi Yudel Shain who has a substantial following in Lakewood and elsewhere in the Torah world. And Dus Iz Nies whose blog is popular in 5 Towns, Monsey & Beit Shemesh.

Zweibel takes Agudah disingenuousness to a new low. How many maysos have been trumpeted at Fresser Conventions that were not written in stone with 50 attending witnesses? Besides that high ranking officials initiate phone calls to heimishe Yidden all the time. Mario Cuomo called pre-conviction Leib Glanz when he found out that 100s of Satmar chevra at the Willy Shomrim dinner chanted along with special guest Bob Grant that Mario is the "sfacim" (an inexplicably demeaning insult in the Italian alter Heim). And there are many other examples.

Zweibel, suck it up! The Agudah's not too popular these days, eh Zweibel? Ever wonder why? I saw that shnor campaign with you tugging at sleeves for donations.