Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Arrogance of Agudah Drector Rabbi Avi Shafran

This arrogant mechutzaf from the Agudah was just hired as a "columnist" for Ami Magazine where he shills for the pathological liars Biden and Harris...

I suspect that that pipsqueak Kayek that now works for Biden is paying him big bucks mislead Jewish voters to vote for a guy who was Vice President when Obama kicked Jews on his way out the door, allowing the anti-Jewish UN resolution to pass, a resolution  that declared the Kotel, Kever Rachel, Me'aras Ha'michpeilah and Kever Yosef have no any historic connections to the Jewish people.
Avi Shafran actually supported Hussain Obama's decision on this UN resolution. Unbelievable...

He is also loved by the leftist anti-Frum media, writing articles in the Forward and the Nazi newspaper Haaretz.

In an article in the leftist frum/hating rag called The Forward, Shafrin attacks the singer Schwekey for writing a song praising Trump:

 “Ironically, excruciatingly, within days of the release of our letter, a Jewish singer entertained a group of summer campers with a musical ode to the president. It included lyrics like “It’s been four great years/Four GREAT years/And you know don’t you really know/You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr. President/To stand strong.
"Excruciatingly?  Dictionary definition:  extremely painful; agonizing.  
The Rabbi then labels Schwekey’s song as “odious.”  
For those unfamiliar with the term the dictionary defines this word as “repulsive” and “extremely unpleasant.”
 Mr. Shwekey’s song was expressing hakaras hatov – a deep and heart-felt appreciation to the president and to this country – for watching Israel’s back – for looking out for the safety of its near seven million citizens.  This is odious?  This is repulsive?
Rabbi, this is America.  We live in a free country, thank G-d, and if Yaakov Shwekey wishes to express his appreciation to the president for standing up for Israel, then he may certainly do so.  Who gave anyone a license to shut him down?
And then comes the false characterization in the Forward article – where Yaakov Shwekey is accused of putting president Trump “on some quasi-religious pedestal”  and  accusing him of “exalting and lionizing a political figure”  Shafrin declared what Yaakov Shwekey did as profoundly un-Jewish.
Really?  Profoundly un-Jewish? 
There were Jewish songs composed in honor of Tsarina Catherina in Tsarist Russia by the Jewish community.  This wasn’t un-Jewish.  Jews were named Alexander on account of Alexander the Great.  Yoseph shaved in honor of Pharoah.
Also, it is an utter and complete mischaracterizing to state that Mr. Shwekey was placing a human being on a “quasi-religious pedestal.”  He was, saying thank you.  Does the Rabbi need to be reminded that Hashem controls the world and that everything He does is Heaven-sent?  It is disingenuous to accuse Mr. Shwekey of placing the president up there along with gods and demi-gods.


JJJ said...

You are a sick cult member.

yidlmitnfidl said...

Arrogance of Avi Shafran?
This guy is a criminal!
He is willing to sell his brothers down the drain with the help of Biden's election slush fund.
He is the frum version of this menivel George Soras.
The American Agudah was always a club searching for a purpose.
Now they finally found it: their goal is to imitate the accursed kapos of old,
and sell the Jews and run with the money!

yidlmitnfidl said...

The following Shafran idiocy still rings in my ears: "Rabbi Avi Shafran thinks Bernie Madoff is more moral than Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger."
This fellow is definitely intellectually challenged.
Now we know he is morally challenged too.
A shame that he casts that kkind of a shadow on frum Jews.

Frum but normal said...

Anyone remember when this criminally insane Agudah fresser calling himself Rabbi,came up with his gem about “sullenberg “the hero who landed his crippled jet in the Hudson River thereby saving over a hundred lives,this MESHUGENER claimed that in his (deranged) opinion Bernie Madoff is a more moral person than Sully Sullenberg

FYI said...

R. Shafran is a kluger Yid.

Like many very intelligent people, he is often misunderstood.