Monday, August 31, 2020

Moving Companies in High Demand as New Yorkers Flee the City

When we fled Mitzrayim, we ran so fast that the bread never rose and we have been eating matzah for over 3,500 years because of that event.....
Don't forget that most of the Jews in Mitzrayim didn't see the handwriting on the wall, making excuses like:
"How am I going to make a parnassah in Israel?" "What am I going to do with all the real estate I own in Goshen?" "how are my children who speak fluent Egyptianese going to adapt and speak Hebrew?"  "The Canaanites who worship idols, live there" "More tumeh in Canaan than in Egypt"  "There is so much chillul shabbos there" "Let's wait until Moshiach comes" ...
They never made it out and are forgotten forever.... 
So is this a sign? or is Hashem saying "naaaaaa I want you guys to stay in chutz le'aaretz,  I gave Eretz Yisrael to chilonim , the ones who gave their very lives for their country... I want you frum guys to move to Toms River, Tampa, 5 Clowns and Montbello?

Don't forget ... that we are here today because it was our ancestors that didn't make those excuses in Mitzrayim... it was our ancestors that looked forward to Eretz Yisrael, until of course our very own frum leaders,  tzaddikim turned us off and bad mouthed the land...
We are here today because our ancestors didn't read the "empty chair" they wanted to be part of the salvation ... they saw leaving Egypt as the "aschalta de'geulah" ... they were eager to leave behind the shuls and the Yeshivos in Egypt ... that were built by Yehuda under the direction of Yaakov Aveenu..
Yes... they left it all there to wander in the desert because they kept their eye on the goal, to enter Eretz Yisrael... Remember ...don't forget 
Rich Manhattanites are fleeing the city so fast because of the pandemic and deteriorating quality of life in the Big Apple that moving companies can barely keep up with them.
“It’s nuts!’’ said Perry Chance of “Show Up” movers to The Post on Sunday. “We have four of our own trucks — but we have so many books that we had to start using U-Haul trucks!”
“The volume has increased by at least 70 percent” in the past few months, he said.
“[Clients] are mostly moving out of luxury buildings. [People] say the rich are leaving New York. Well, they are!”
Chance said 25 percent of the company’s customers are heading from the city to states such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Another 5 percent are moving somewhere else in the Apple.

The rest, 70 percent, are moving elsewhere in New York — mainly Long Island, he said.
And it’s not only the wealthy who are trading big-city life for the suburbs.
“When you have an office on Park Ave, and you don’t see anyone but the less fortunate, the homeless, no more day-to-day workers, the high rent makes no sense,” explained a small-business owner at the U-Haul truck-rental center on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, as he prepared for a move to Long Island.
“I have 10 people who just moved out [of the city],” the Manhattan businessman said. “Two of my business partners and eight employees.”
Stephen Bisogno, a 41-year-old insurance underwriter, said he is moving with his wife and 2-year-old daughter from Murray Hill in Manhattan to upstate Poughkeepsie.
“In the ’burbs, it feels more normal — put a mask on, and do what you have to do,” Bisogno told The Post. “Here, all the stress and posturing by the de Blasio administration, it just adds to the stress on us.”
John Romero, 28, a furloughed house trombone player for the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, said he is moving from the Upper West Side to Texas.
“There is not much work here for musicians,” he said. “I’m from Texas, and I have friends and family there.”
“Plus, teaching is part of my business, and people there will be more willing, less scared, to go out, go for lessons now.”
Guardian Angels founder and current mayoral hopeful Curtis Sliwa told The Post on Saturday that he has seen a huge wave of people moving from his neighborhood around West 87th Street.
“The mass evacuation of Upper West Siders from New York City is in full effect,” Sliwa said.
“The moment I walked out on my block near Central Park West, there was a moving truck,” he said. “I asked, ‘Where you going?’ and they said, ‘Virginia.’”
“They told me, ‘Curtis, first the pandemic hit us and now the quality of life is so bad.’ The woman was almost crying.”
Lats month, there was a 44 percent jump in home sales in New York City’s suburbs — including a 112 percent hike in Westchester County — compared to same month last year, according to the New York Times.
Meanwhile, Manhattan property sales dropped 56 percent.

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Anonymous said...

Now I understand why Hashem revved up Pharoah's heart to lead his army against the Jews as they were leaving Mitzrayim.
Why , he could have killed the entire Egyptian army on the same night as he killed their bechorim. Just as he did years later against Sancherev's huge army as they invaded Eretz Yisroel. Overnight they all died, millions.

But it's possible that as the Jews were out of Goshen near Raamses and in that neighborhhod, they said let's camp here. Or a little farther down near the Yam Suf.. This will be the new Peeneck, Burru Paak, 5 Clowns, Bomb's River, Deerfield Bytch, and Poike-a-ballon , Fla. Who needs better ??
So Hashem drove the Egyptians like a bat out of hell to chase the Yiddlach into and across the Yam.... You're NOT staying here …. OUT..!!

Same here..... You're kidding yourselves... G-D gives a signal, waits, ...waits maybe a little longer ... and if we don't catch the message, He'll push stronger buttons...
Central, 13th, Maple, Collins Avenoooooz ain't gonna help you..
Some guy in my shul, smart fellow, businessman, responding to what's happening in the USA … says with a straight face … We should consider Panama.
It's over , boyz & girlzz.
The clouds are hovering..
But sunshine awaits us … Nah.... meshuggah…. new culture... language.. bureaucracy..
Imagine... we went from country to country to live with non_Jews and not once did I read that any yiddle runner complained about having to learning French, English, Russian, Hungarian ,Slovakian , Greek, Turkish, Slovenian, Polish.. And who's even talking about culture ?
So DAVKA in a land of Yidden , speaking our ancient language, and even in the weakest scenario, we still know a good many words from davening and Chumash… Davka here ( and so many speak English anyway ) , the Yetzer Harah slams down.. !Doesn't even make sense... Think about it.. What's the matter ? Hebrew is more difficult than Spanish ?

the Bim-Bam_Gonie…. assisted by Welwel (Velvel)