Monday, August 31, 2020

Islamic Scholar ‘Only Mizrahi Jews Have The Right To Live In Palestine,’

You live and learn, who knew that Islamists also have "talmeidei chachamim?" ...
Anyway he must have glanced into the Va'Yoel Moshe at some point because he mamesh came up with the same solution ...
 That "Mizrachi Jews" are welcome to live in Eretz Yisrael but under "Arab domination:"
“They would live with us, just like they live in Morocco, under the authority of the Kingdom of Morocco, they would live with us in Palestine.”
He was mamesh mechavein what the author of the Va'Yoel Moshe says, that Jews should live under Arab sovereignty...that's his solution to the "Zionist Problem."
but both, the Islamist gaon, and lehavdil the Va'oel Moshe don't address the fact that the Arabs kill their own all the time... there are few Arab countries that are not presently in a civil war, and who knows what they would do with their Jewish subjects. If they don't value the life of a fellow Islamist what value do they place on a Jew?
I am wondering, where would the "good" Islamist scholar rather live?
 In the Zionist State of Israel where he can freely spew his stupidity and hate or in Syria, where he would be tied to a chair and thrown off a roof? 
The Jewish state aspires to establish a “Greater Israel” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, and will eventually demand lands in Medina and other regions of the Arabian peninsula, according to Palestinian Islamic scholar Omar Fora.

Speaking with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad-affiliated Al-Quds Al-Youm television on Aug. 19, Fora warned that Israel “does not endanger the Palestinian people alone.”
Israel, he said, refused to open its embassy east of the Nile River because it considers all the land from the eastern bank of the Nile to the Euphrates River to be part of the biblical land of Israel.
“Therefore,” said Fora, “it established its embassy west of the Nile, because it considers the land west of the Nile to be outside its territory.”
“Israel is not about to achieve these Zionist or biblical ambitions now,” said Fora, “but Israel wants to establish ‘Greater Israel.’”
“By Allah,” he went on to say, “the day will come when Israel demands lands in Medina, the lands of [the Jewish tribes of] Qurayza, Nadhir and Banu Qaynuda, as well as the lands of Khaybar.”
This, he said, was the true goal of the Zionist movement.
Fora emphasized that he had no issue with Judaism, only with Zionism, but said that not all Jews would have the right to live in a Palestinian state.
“The only Jews that have a right to live with us in Palestine, under our patronage and our authority, are those who have been living in Palestine,” he said. “But the Ashkenazi Jews, who came from overseas, from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and settled in this land—they should go back to where they came from.”
Fora clarified that this would not apply to Mizrachi Jews, who he said “would have the same rights and obligations that we have.”
“They would live with us, just like they live in Morocco, under the authority of the Kingdom of Morocco, they would live with us in Palestine.”

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frum but normal said...

Aron and Zalmen TeitelBum agree with him,as a matter of fact these two Jew hating kapos are even bigger haters than this Iman at least this Arab swine agrees that sephardi Jews have the right to live in Israel,but the two rat brothers claim that no Jew should be living in certain parts of the country,when a few years ago Hammas murdered three Jewish teenagers this filthy traitorous sewer rat Aron TeitelBum had the audacity to blame the parents for the murder of their children because they lived in Yehuda and Shomron