Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kamala Harris Pandering to Dumb Naive Jews: "If elected, we’ll bring back the Iran nuclear deal"

If elected, a Biden-Harris administration would seek to “strengthen” President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, said Wednesday.
She made her comments at a fundraiser billed as a “Virtual Conversation with the American Jewish Community with Senator Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff.” Emhoff, who is married to Harris, was introduced by Florida congressman Ted Deutch as the “next Jewish mensch," even though his children are Christian. 
“Our Jewish engagement team is fighting for every Jewish vote in every swing state,” Deutch said, according to a pool report by Daniel Strauss, a reporter for the Guardian newspaper. Strauss pandering to naive Jews, included Hebrew lettering for the word “mishpacha,” or family, in the pool report distributed by the campaign to national political reporters.
Emhoff who married two shiksas, one after another, told the group, “A Biden-Harris administration will stand strong against anti-Semitism. Period.”
She defended the disastrous nuclear deal.
 “Joe Biden actually took historic steps as vice president to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Obama-Biden administration imposed what were described as crippling multilateral sanctions which brought Iran to negotiations which paved the way for the JCPOA and prevented a nuclear armed Iran,” she said. Harris didn't talk about the billions of dollars in cash that Obama quietly slipped to the Iranian murderers. That money went to terrorists according to the pentagon.
Lying thru her camel teeth, Harris continued babbling  to the Jewish dummies:
“That nuclear deal, as we all know, blocked Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon and it was working as was verified by international inspectors and the U.S. intelligence community. But Donald Trump withdrew from it and he withdrew from it promising a better deal and a cowed Iran but instead Iran is revving up its nuclear activity and becoming more provocative.”
Whether the deal was “working” is also contentious, as critics said Iran was using the money from sanctions relief to make trouble regionally and advance its missile program. 
Harris said that if elected, “Our administration will hold Iran’s government accountable and rejoin a diplomatic agreement . And we will work with our allies, of course, to strengthen the Iran deal and push back Iran’s other destabilizing actions.”
Speakers at the Republican convention have touted the scrapping of the Iran deal and the moving of the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as two of President Trump’s key foreign policy achievements. There are substantial numbers of Jewish voters in Florida and Pennsylvania, two battleground swing states in 2020. These foreign policy issues are also significant for many evangelical Christian voters.


Filthydelphia said...

On Pinny Lipschutz's they have some pictures of the virus harchokos & testing in beis medrash of yeshivas Ponivizh.

A demented ally of Philly (by virtue of their mutual loathing of the medical establishment) couldn't handle the whole inyan and completely lost it when he saw a medic swabbing a bochur. So he lashed out in the comments with this obscene outburst which is also a slap in the face to R' Gershon Edelstein shlita, who as opposed to Philly, is trying to keep safe as many bnei Torah as possible:

Hashem Yerachem! August 28, 2020 at 9:12 am

Any reason these malachei chaboleh have to push their swabs down the throats AND up the noses all the way to the brain? Every student agreed to this? They wouldn’t dare do this in chassidishe yeshivos.

Heimishe supermarkets said...

The Beis Havaad has sort of spoken out against the heimishe supermarket gazlonim taking advantage of the pandemic to not allow any returns even when they disguised something rotten as viable. The beis din does not address the much worse fact that there is a huge upsurge of items brought home by customers that did not appear in the store to be rotting because the store went to lengths to disguise the rot, something they were not doing on this scale previously.

In halacha, the concept of a mekach taus, where a buyer is allowed to return items purchased, exists in cases of damage or inferior quality of the product. Shulchan Aruch CM 232 states that even if a seller stipulates the sale is only valid if the customer does not register any complaint of a flaw in the product (al menas she’ein lecha alai mumin), it is not considered a binding agreement between the two parties since the wording of the condition is vague and does not specify what types of flaws it includes.

For example, if one buys a set of linen, one would be allowed to return them for a number of flaws, such as if the colors are faded, the edges are ragged, or it does not wash well, since no specific issues were specified in the condition of the sale.

Thus, according to halacha, mekach taus is not considered an allowance given by the seller to the purchaser to return an item; it is rather that the entire sale is voided because one wished to buy an A+ product and one only received an A- product. In this case, the vendor is not justified lehalacha in holding on to the money, which would render him guilty of gezel.

Consequently, in cases of damage or inferior quality, a no-return or credit-only store policy would not be allowed lehalacha. In addition, even a time limit on returns, such as only permitting returns for seven days, would not be justified lehalacha.