Friday, August 14, 2020

Israeli Family Schnorring Because They Vacationed in Switzerland and Fined $61,557.33 For Not Quarantining

The ad featured above is actually a parody .. a fake ad.... 
but in fact people I know in Switzerland have told me that the ad maybe fake but the story is true...

The ad was inspired by stories that happen on a weekly basis as Israeli and American families vacation in Switzerland and refuse to follow the local regulations and then get fined ......

Why go on vacation if you are going to be quarantined for 14 days?
Why are Jewish people making a Chillul Hashem by defying the local quarantine rules? 



Fleischmanns said...

The forced closure of several Jewish businesses by village officials has stoked tensions between year round residents & seasonals and prompted intervention by state officials.

Fleischmanns Mayor Fred Woller received many complaints from residents about Avi Mendlovic, Brooklyn native & Fleischmanns seasonal business owner.

“He’s running an illegal camp,” Woller said.

Noting the Mendlovic family long history as hoteliers, Woller observed “there’s more students this year, not many families. The state banned overnight camps. This is his way of getting around it. He’s lying & saying their parents are there.”

Following multiple businesses in Delaware & Sullivan counties in violation of state law, the Health Dept issued 6 cease & desist orders. The Department seeks all legal options to protect the community during this unprecedented pandemic.

In a Monday email to residents, Woller acknowledged “there's much frustration & worry. It takes just one person not caring to throw a wrench in the gears. It's a major challenge.”

Woller announced closure of the Palace Hotel, Flagstone Motel, Oppenheimers Regis Hotel, Fleischmanns Kosher Deli & the yeshiva, all owned by Orthodox Jews, the majority of seasonal residents.

“That's difficult,” Woller told The Daily Star. “It seems we’re against them, but we’re not.”

“There are people here who are devout. They follow rules,” he said, praising the yeshiva & Regis Hotel for complying immediately with state guidelines.

Bright yellow Danger signs on 3 Mendlovic businesses — the kosher deli, Flagstone Inn & Palace Hotel — proclaim the structures unsafe for use & unlawful to enter by authority of town of Middletown & village of Fleischmanns.

Despite an explicit sign declaring any person removing it will be prosecuted, the one posted to the deli had been removed Monday, when a steady flow of patrons could be seen entering & exiting, grocery bags in hand.

Chris Plant, Margaretville code officer & contractor for Mendlovic, claimed the documents were invalid because they were issued “in an unauthorized inspection & no legal explanation was provided. It’s a piece of paper. The building's fine.”

As Woller approached Monday, camera in hand to document the violation, Abe Mendlovic, Avi’s son, rushed out, bellowing the mayor's an anti-Semite & demanding he don a mask.

He decried the mayor’s double standard to masks & parking, showing a photo of Woller’s truck parked on the curb.

Abe recorded Woller’s every step while his father rolled up sleeves of his shirt & bounced on his feet, lunging as if preparing to swing fists.

Woller denied anti-Semitism. “That was years ago. It’s all about him. He cries prejudice. I grew up Jewish — I believe in the rules.”

Mendlovic issued a no-trespass for Woller & other officials, unless authorized, citing “a constant barrage from all aspects of the village.”

Plant said the businesses had been in absence of guidelines from the state until an update for overnight camps was issued.

“It wasn’t clear if a hotel can do what they do,” he said.

Asked directly if he operates a camp, legal or illegal, Avi was interrupted by Plant, who said: “Mendlovic doesn't own a camp. He does own a large portion of village of Fleischmanns. That’s why he’s under constant scrutiny.”

Prior to the village of Margaretville, Plant served as code officer for town of Middletown & village of Fleischmanns.

Plant said he left on good terms & “was definitely not let go.”

Woller said Plant was fired for reasons he won't disclose, stating only that officials weren’t happy with his relationship with Mendlovic.

“We’re here for 28 years. We support everybody,” Abe said. “We hire people from here.”

“He has no heart; no soul,” Woller said. “He’s all about money.”

Heshy V said...

Neither Americans nor Israelis can currently enter Switzerland.
European Jews don't need to quarantine.
This story doesn't really make sense.