Monday, August 31, 2020

Coוncilman Kalman Yegar If you see Sheriff Coming To Wedding Hall "Lock the Doors"

Anyone live near Yeger? Can someone who loves him tell him to keep his mouth shut, everytime he opens it he puts his foot in his mouth..

He forgets he lives in New York, he thinks he lives in Efrat...
The last time he was in the news he tweeted that "Palestine does not exist" and was promptly kicked off the immigration committee.

Now everyone including the "Palestinians" know that "Palestine" doesn't exist ... but if you are a Councilman in New York on an immigration committee where you have the power to help a frum constituent who may need help with citizenship, wouldn't have been more prudent if he kept that fact to himself... since the City Council only deals with local situations... the City Council has absolutely no say, no power to change any political policy that affects the USA...none whatsoever...why did he tweet that?
He must think that  he is still in Yeshiva with his buddies in the lunchroom.....sneaking into the kitchen to get doubles...
He is way over his head in that position .....he should be working behind the counter in a deli slicing cold cuts.
Oh how we miss the late Noach Dear who had the position as City Councilman for many years ...
Now Kalman, "der chuchim fun dee ma'nishtana" tells the caterers to shut the doors when the Sheriffs come.... 
Hey Kalman ... you are such a big shot? Why don't you come to the next illegal wedding and lock the doors when the Sheriff shows up!

With both the mayor and the governor taking a tough stance on weddings that exceed the 50 person limit on indoor gatherings, City Councilman Kalman Yeger has responded in kind, calling on catering halls to lock their doors to keep law enforcement out.

Speaking on the Talkline radio program Saturday night, Yeger spared no words as he described how the city’s sheriff’s department has sent out uniformed officers in cars with lights and sirens and has stopped motorists on bridges, asking them where they are coming from and where they are headed.
“They are just so happy to send heavily armed militia forces into our neighborhoods because they are afraid of the size of our wedding parties,” said Yeger.
With the city facing a $9 billion deficit, Yeger wondered aloud if perhaps government resources could be better allocated elsewhere.
“I’m telling anybody who asks me, if you see them approaching a wedding hall, lock the doors,” advised Yeger. “Don’t let them in.”
The New York Post ( pinpointed three weddings that took place in Borough Park on August 24th, estimating that each one had as many as 200 guests. The wedding manager at one hall said that the affair complied with state law because guests were divided into groups of 50, with security workers on hand to enforce social distancing.
Two days later, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said that it planned to issue two violations to an unnamed catering hall in Borough Park, with fines totaling $2,000 for violations on gathering limits and serving food without a license.
“The state-mandated gathering limits are clear,” said mayoral spokesperson Mitch Schwartz. “If some businesses have the wrong idea, we’ll take action, first by educating and urging compliance, and then by issuing summonses if necessary. We’re not going to let COVID-19 surge again.”


Anonymous said...

Let me clarify to you dus, that they let people loot and murder, but not get married.

This is why he said they should not let them in.

-A little seichel from your former employer

Ferd said...

Kalman likes attention. And Heshy Tischler oughtta be kissing his derriere right now for taking this childish faux stand.