Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Your Wife Annoying You? Buy This Home It Comes With Its Own Private Prison

Don't let the exterior of the house fool you, there is a jail in the basement and it's for sale....
I hope that the Rabbanim and Social Workers dealing in Shalom Bayis see this ad, since it's the perfect solution for keeping the peace..
Your wife talks too much? Burnt your steak? Looks like a "polishe cleaning lady"? 
Have friends over and you want to hide your spouse? No problem!
Just take her by the hand lead her down to the basement and lock her up ...
Oh yes ... it's also good for your nasty kids ...also if you have a crazed old uncle that you are hiding in the attic, you can shlep him by his payies and dump him there ... it's a win win situation...
and your friends from shul passing by the innocent looking house ...will never know your dark secrets ...

If you decide to buy this home in Missouri, you can place yourself under house arrest.
A brick-lined Victorian property in the city of Fayette has just hit the market for $350,000, according to Realtor.com, with features including stained glass windows, a farmhouse sink in a large kitchen — and just off the kitchen, a metal door that leads to a jail in the basement.
“Extremely unique opportunity!!” says the listing, whose shocking photos show the night-and-day contrast between the home’s soothing neutral color scheme and the grim, institutional grays of the downstairs lockup, which has nine cells across 2,500 square feet.
A further scroll through the images shows sliding gates, metal-framed bunk beds, a bench-lined booking room and locked grates over the windows, which still let in a good amount of light.
“Possibilities are amazing with this property,” adds the listing, represented by Jeffrey Radel, of House of Brokers.
Built in 1875 as a sheriff’s house and jail, this home saw an extensive renovation in 2005, which the listing adds “supposedly” cost $1.5 million. It’s unclear if the work extended into the basement-level big house.
The main house, however, has three levels and 2,465 square feet of living space. Stately details include arched windows, fireplaces and coffered ceilings — and in the dining room, crown moldings lining the ceiling. A living area is accessed via sliding pocket doors with ornate locks, while the kitchen has plenty of space for storage across multiple cupboards and drawers. The home’s sole full bathroom fits a claw-foot bathtub and a stand-up shower, while an attic with angled ceilings offers extra flexible space.
The listing quickly made its way to Twitter over the weekend, with multiple tweets going viral with individual reactions.


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