Wednesday, August 19, 2020

In Belz A Father, Brother and Son All Die From Corona ... Belz Continues to Flout Regulations

David Oberlander

David Oblerlander was only 36 years old when he died last week of corona and left a wife with 7 orphans...
He died during the  "shloishim" of his father that also died of corona...
see photo below as his father talks to the Belzer Rebbe and David stands behind his father... this photo is only a few weeks old!

His father's brother, David's uncle, also died of the virus this month.
The Rebbe himself contracted the virus and was hospitalized!



Oorah Kevoidee said...

A fire started in the kitchen destroyed the bunkhouse at The Zone in Gilboa, 2 days after owners were notified they face $60,000+ in fines for violating COVID regulations.

The fire remains under investigation by New York State Fire Prevention & Control.

While COVID concerns - Oorah's charged with illegally operating a childrens camp - are new, safety concerns at the former Golden Acres Farm & Ranch Resort are not.

Code Officer Brian Caron updated Town Supervisor Alicia Terry & councilmen on issues inspecting the campus & getting needed repairs done.

And 2 years ago, 6 fire depts were called to a full structure fire at Boys Zone Jefferson at the former Deer Run.

Thick, black smoke from Wednesday’s fire could be seen miles away & it took 17 fire depts from 3 counties from 1:30 pm till midnight to extinguish it.

Schoharie County Health Director Amy Gildemeister's office found significant electrical issues at the bunkhouse the day before the fire & an overflowing toilet may have contributed to the blaze.

“We’ve been trying to shut them down for weeks,” for COVID violations, she said.

According to Dr. Gildemeister, $60,000 in fines came after Oorah ignored a cease & desist on July 29 after the Health Dept determined it's running a childrens camp - illegal under COVID & not what Oorah claimed in its safety plan & permit.

Girls Zone had been allowed as a hotel after State DOH gave its okay, Gildemeister said; by definition, that means children under 15 must be with their parent.

But when staff visited the camp after complaints from neighbors - immediately after it opened - that crowds both there and out & about weren’t following COVID restrictions, Dr. Gildemeister found 30+ underage children on their own.

Campers were using facilities like bumper boats - specifically not allowed under the permit - and Instagram showed a large group of singers, unmasked & no social distancing with arms around each other.

“It’s a children’s camp,” Gildemeister said.

On July 29, her office issued a cease & desist shutting down the camp but because of Sabbath, Oorah was given until August 2 to leave.

They didn’t leave - and filed their own stay order which was denied by a judge. On August 6, officials put up 80 notices of closure at the camp, but “Still they did not vacate,” Dr. Gildemeister said. “We heard many reports of activities over the weekend.”

By the day before the fire, it did appear many campers left & others were getting ready to leave, she said.

Fines are $2,000 a day Oorah remains open & owners could also face jail time.

If campers test positive back home, her dept won’t necessarily be notified, she said.

“There are a lot of wild cards.”

Among them: whether campers, most from New York City / New Jersey, would even share they’d been upstate.

Dr. Gildemeister said her office received several reports of girls with fevers allowed to return to camp or sent home; Oorah 'said' there have been no positive cases.

Beware overly shiny reports on glossy pages said...

And the people such as Mishpacha magazine like to fawn over Belz, telling us how wise the Rebbe is, how large their house of worship is, and so on.

Anonymous said...

The Belze Rebbe is not in the hospital. That was fake news.

Dusiznies said...

The Rebbe was in the Hospital ... in fact he wasn't told about the death of the young Dovid Oberlander ... they could keep the news from him since he wasn't home..
You are "fake"