Sunday, August 16, 2020

MBD Son-in-Law Enters Fight to Purchase El Al

Ok ... enough with the "kvetching" neggunim ...
enough with the "eye ya ya" "oy ya yoi" "boo hoo hoo" "bee hee hee"

This is serious business ..

Businessman and real estate mogul Meir Gurvitz has entered the race to purchase El Al Airlines Ltd., the Israeli airline that has been hit hard financially due to lack of business as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Calcalist.
The 56-year-old works out of the US and filed an application to the Companies Authority for a permit that would allow him to purchase between 25% and 40% of the airline's shares.

Gurvitz's requested permit would not demand the acquisition of control over the company, unlike that of Eli Rozenberg, the son of Kenny (Naftali) Rozenberg, who was the first bidder announced to express interest in purchasing El Al.
Gurvitz, according to Calcalist, holds a pilot's license and belongs to some haredi (ultra-Orthodox) circles.
The new player in the bid to purchase the airline company is an Israeli, born in Kiryat Atta, who left the country when he was only 15 to study in a religious Yeshiva in Gateshead, in northern England.
Later, after moving to London, he started trading in building materials what led him to real estate. 
In 1996, Gurvitz made his first significant fortune after a successful investment during a period of depression in the British real estate market with his then-business partner Moti Zisser.



Anonymous said...

Which MBD tochter? The one that was divorced once?

He is obviously mishpocho of the Gateshead rosh yeshiva - same last name.

If he wins the bidding war, Tzahal should add extra air marshals to flights because shvugger Yeedle Werdyger (who is a sex offender) will be able to fly for free whenever he wants

Fleischmanns said...

Does Mendlovic know Margulies from Satmar? Residents filing complaints get anonymous, threatening phone calls

After state officials ordered closure of Jewish hotels & camps for violating COVID guidelines, dozens of additional visitors arrived in the village, according to Mayor Fred Woller.

“Busloads of students just pulled up at the yeshiva,” Woller wrote to community members. “I'm frustrated beyond the edge.”

Another busload arrived Tuesday, according to Janet Becker, resident.

“We expect them, but this summer's different. They’re not protecting us if carrying the virus. The rest of us don’t want to be infected.”

Becker, who's blind as the result of autoimmune disease that left her compromised, said “the last thing I want is COVID. I’m cautious; I don’t go to the supermarket. I can’t walk my seeing-eye dog without someone else because I can’t see who’s without a mask.”

Becker observed an influx of 14+ year olds throughout the village & suspected it's Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, known to host large populations of Jewish campers.

“They argue gatherings are part of religious instruction, but they do all things a camper would, including basketball. Why are they different than any other kid? Why are they above the law?”

The State Dept of Health issued cease & desists to 6 village businesses after finding them in violation, but Woller & other officials suspect hundreds of hotel occupants were dispersed among private residences.

Woller met with state officials after the latest wave of visitors.

“DOH will hold all camp operators accountable,” reps said. “As these are active investigations, we can't comment.”

Marilyn Ringel's residence is “right in the middle. I see the show unraveling. I’d call it a circus, but a circus is organized. This is very unorganized chaos. Me & my neighbors just want a healthy community.”

Ringel witnessed boys going in rooms at Flagstone with flashlights & driven to houses in the middle of the night.

State Police responded to a late night campfire in the parking lot of Flagstone, she said.

Flagstone has been site of multiple complaints, according to Troop C Info Officer Aga Dembinska.

On July 18, troopers responded to children playing basketball without masks. With no power to enforce state regs, troopers reported the incident to the village & the state health dept.

“We respond to any complaint, but we can only educate,” Dembinska said, adding a disorderly conduct citation could be issued if someone “adamantly doesn't wear a mask.”

Troopers respond to complaints about chanting & singing, which disperse before their arrival.

On July 12, troopers spoke with the director of a camp who informed them of a “no mask, no entry” policy, Dembinska said. “We didn’t see anybody not wearing a mask, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t just put one on when they saw us pull up.”

Becker said Mendlovic’s son Abe called her an “anti-Semitic Jew” in response to speaking up about COVID transgressions.

“This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. I’m Jewish, but I don’t practice the level they do. They’re lovely. They have every right to be here. I don’t agree with them because of COVID.”

Victoria Szerko, resident, said she & her friends receive threatening, anonymous calls with ominous messages such as “what goes around, comes around.”

“People feel emboldened if there are no consequences. Mendlovic is untouchable.”

Szerko is concerned for her 77 year old husband with pulmonary disease & lupus.

“People walk around not wearing masks. The visitors seem to not care,” Szerko continued, citing complaints about noise & garbage in the streets. “It’s disconcerting people aren't following the law.”

“The law applies to everybody. No one’s picking on anybody,” Ringel said. “Most are on the same page. We don’t want others getting sick. I can't wait for summer to be over.”