Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Israel Supreme Court Orders Govt to ‘Raise’ Reb Nachman’s Bones to Israel from Uman

Israeli Supreme Court Justice Dafna Barak Erez has ordered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Government of Israel, and the Jewish Agency for Israel to respond to a petition filed with the court by Breslov hasid Sharon Scheltzer, demanding they explain why they are not working to “raise” the bones of Rabbi Nachman of Uman, the founder of the Breslov Hasidic sect, to be interred in the Holy Land.
Scheltzer, considered one of Rabbi Israel Dov Odser’s closest students, Monday night filed the petition upon hearing that Ukraine has banned all foreign Jews from entering the country this year for the annual pilgrimage to the tomb of Rebbe Nachman — a pilgrimage made each year by tens of thousands of hasidic and Orthodox Jews worldwide. Scheltzer is also the chairman of the committee for raising Rabbi Nachman’s bones to Eretz Israel, and he has been working on the issue for decade

The petition, filed by Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir on behalf of Scheltzer, states that the respondents must act to raise Rabbi Nachman’s bones to Israel “to fulfill the will of the dead.”
Rabbi Nachman wanted to be buried in Israel, he wrote, and “in cases where the leaders of the Jewish people in the Diaspora made such a request, the agency or government must act to bring them for reburial in The Land,” Ben Gvir wrote, and also “because the property of the Jewish People — the tomb of Rabbi Nachman to which many Israelis go to pray — is under foreign rule, which holds it without permission.”
The petition also states that in view of the recent announcement by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister that this year, for the first time in decades, the mass pilgrimate of Jews to Uman on Rosh Hashanah will not be allowed, the High Court is asked to hold an urgent hearing on the issue. For burial in the Land of Israel, even before the approaching Rosh Hashanah.
Moreover, the petition states that throughout the petitioner’s many years of work on the subject, senior political figures have indeed acted on the subject: In the early 1990s, then-President Chaim Herzog, addressed the Prime Minister of Ukraine during his visit to Israel, requesting the relocation of the tomb to Israel. The Ukrainian prime minister at the time granted his request, but it did not materialize. In 2007, President Shimon Peres wrote to the Committee for the Raising of Rabbi Nachman’s Bones, expressing his hope that “soon” the tomb would be relocated to its proper place in Israel.”
Therefore, in light of all of the above, the petition requests the Supreme Court orders the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency to act to raise Rabbi Nachman’s bones to Israel.
“I have no doubt that the Supreme Court will grant us the requested remedy, which is in fact a remedy for the entire God-fearing public in the State of Israel and around the world. Raising Rabbi Nachman’s bones to Israel This is a vital need of the first order,” Scheltzer told Israel’s Channel 20 television news.
“Rabbi Nachman was a Jewish leader, a great leader of the generation, a light to Israel, who serves to this day as the Rebbe of tens of thousands of Jews,” Ben Gvir said. “There is no reason why the State of Israel, which has brought for burial in Israel the bones of other great people of the Jewish people, such as the Tzaddik Hida Herzl and Jabotinsky, and even illegal immigrants, should not work to raise the bones of Rabbi Nachman, who has many merits in reviving the Jewish nation,” he added.


Anonymous said...

If "uman" becomes local (Israel) it will cost the famous monsey donor another couple of million to feed all those free loaders. Also the Labor won't be so cheap even if they use Arabs.

Noam said...

Ukraine won't give up a goldmine

Zako said...

The ukrainian govt has absolutely no obligation to follow whatever that Israeli Supreme Court or the Government of Israel or the Jewish Agency might say.
To get things moving, it will take much more than this...

The solution can only be diplomatic and could be in Putin's hands.

Alei Shur said...

10:59 really cracks me up. Is that DIN posting anonymously because he doesn't want the oylam to know how teef his sense of humor is?

America will get a break from all the shnorers over Yamim Noyraim if Israel becomes the new freeloader destination.

Rasha ma hu oimer said...


A source familiar with Israel’s Health Ministry told the Haredim 10 website this week that the increase in Haredi “red cities” is due to some Haredi Israelis’ disregard for the coronavirus guidelines. For example, the source mentioned a 19-year-old yeshiva student whose extended family members went on a weekend outing. The young man, who had been in contact with a verified coronavirus patient, did not want to miss the fun and decided to travel with his family, contrary to every conceivable Health Ministry guideline. As a result, 60 members of his family became infected – brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law and children.

In another case, a family that celebrated a bar mitzvah “did not abide by the rules, they put them down, they said, ‘Nonsense, we are just a family, no one will know.’ Everyone was infected by one brother-in-law who came to the Bar Mitzvah celebration even though he was supposed to be in solitary confinement – but decided to defy the guidelines. Now one of the family members is begging to arrange good care for their mother who has difficulty breathing and is suffering from high blood pressure,” the source said.

Vos zogt DIN? said...


is this the Montag that was caught in Eilat with no yarmulka hanging out with chiloni women in bikinis?

Jewish Democrats for Trump said...

It will never happen.

yidlmitnfidl said...

Ukraine will never allow that.
All the money which flows into the Ukaine steadily will stop flowing.
The only way to succeed with this endeavour, is to convince the Ukrainian Jewish PM that Reb Nachman will pull him out of Gehennom by his Peyos.
So all the Israel Supreme court has to do now is to order the Ukrainian Jewish PM to grow Peyos!
Then we'll be all set to go!

Zako said...

To "Rasha ma hu oimer" 1:22 PM

"The source" (what source ?) mentioned a 19-year-old yeshiva student who infected "60 members of his family".
Just forget that most of them probably had the Covid way before this outing, but got tested after the outing, you get it ?... But who really cares ? It's so much more crunchy to make headlines !

And "a family who celebrated a bar mitzva"... Maybe, ok, but it's just usual hareidi bashing and stygmatizing, that's all. And of course we should all believe that Hilonim never celebrate anything nowhere, never. Hilonim never gather in tiny appatments, right ?
Everyone (including hiloni journalists) travels in crowded buses, go shopping in crowded makoletts and grocery stores, but the problem of course is "a young hareidi boy on an outing", and "a family celebrating a bar mitsva".

So now, can we talk about hundreds of hilonim who "infected" 60, 90, 150 people in the restos, by the beach, ecc. ? No, and don't excpect the medias to talk about it: Not crunchy enough.

The Drexel Project said...

Over 80% of Pennsylvania summer camps did not open this year. The percentage is even higher in the Poconos.

The #1 reason cited in many newspapers is because the operating restrictions were so severe that it just wasn't profitable or even feasible.

So what does that tell you about inzerra heimisher camps that opened en masse in the Poconos as the 99% of the remaining percentage when including many more camps switching over in droves from NY, instigated by an organizatzia with a one track mind?

You guessed! They are not following the laws! They are putting kids & staff lives at risk. And just wait until they all start coming home infected to a kehilla near you!

What would Klal Yisroel do without Philly-controlled Agudah Fresser "leadership"?

Jewish Democrats for Trump said...

First let the supreme Israeli court grow peyos.

Anonymous said...

Zako, follow the links & read carefully as the source of the Jewish Press is a Charedi publication who - read between the lines - are tired of the Peleg & Agudah nuts who have influenced so many to be rodfim with the virus.

Dusiznies said...

It's true that the Chilonim are also not following guidelines...
but the ones that are sick and infecting are Chareidim... those are the facts

Anonymous said...

Chareidim with Covid, Belz with Covid, Chilonim with no Covid, A Rebbe with Covid...
Its all one big billbul. Its a blood libel like in the olden days.
No one is dying, No one is sick, No one will get sick. One big conspiracy.

Right. Ah Huh.