Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wesley Kosher Shopping Plaza in Monsey Evacuated Due to Elevated Levels of Carbon Monoxide




Anonymous said...

Some take out food in Wesley has been getting spoiled very quick. Could it be from carbon monoxide gas?

Conspiracy Theory said...

How do we know this report is accurate, not a cover up to spare some big macher from unwanted publicity? I heard that a YSV board member went in there to get a sandwich but had a stomach ache & vomited on the floor

Anonymous said...

I dunno about conspiracies but you know what is one thing I can't stand about YSV? Those pesky phone calls before the dinner twisting your arm to increase your journal donation. The ones making the calls are the fathers not paying tuition who YSV gets them to do their dirtywork with a guilt trip of we gave you a break so now pay the bill this way. Something just doesn't smell right that guys who don't pay are the ones shaking you down for even more money.

Abe said...

This was no sudden incident.
This was a message from Hashem that we are not medagdeg enough in our treatment of womens' tznius issues in Monsey, NY.
To assuage Hsshem's wrath, the store should construct separate entrances for men and women and segregate separate aisles for both with mechitzas that are strung to the ceiling.
Also, all the mezuzas should be checked and all men's tefilin should be examined too.
Oh, and when you're finished checking those heilige items, you might want to check the carbon monoxide detectors.
Then again, you might want to check the carbon monoxide detectors first.

Anonymous said...

some yeshivos have an even worse arrangement than ysv. they ask which mothers want to volunteer to oversee collecting presents for staff. the mothers that jump to grab the duties are often the most annoying yentas & pushy machshayfos who love to throw their weight around to make themselves choshuv & kiss all kinds of derrieres at your expense. and I mean expense, literally. this includes squeezing you for gelt at multiple times during the year: chanuka, purim & summer. they threaten you with all kinds of guilt trips about hakoras hatov and that your name will be left off the cards so that the recipients will know. one stuck up prima donna even demands you bring the money to her house. but the yentas at one yeshiva in particular really take the cake. they not only ask you shtup EVERYONE in the office with gelt from the executive director all the way down to the coffee fetcher, but they also ask you shtup outside "curriculum consultants". maybe they should also make a mandatory collection for the garbagemen & the exterminator too!

AishKodesh said...

May Hashem protect everyone there and make everything better soon, Amein.

Anonymous said...

"Some take out food in Wesley has been getting spoiled very quick. Could it be from carbon monoxide gas?"

No - you are really asking this?