Thursday, November 17, 2016

New York Daily News "The Anti-Trump" Paper going down the drain

The Daily News is a four-time loser, recently released circulation stats show.
The embattled newspaper reported sharply lower sales on weekdays and Sundays and on newsstand sales and home deliveries, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.
While the entire newspaper industry has been hammered by print circulation declines in recent years, the drop-off by Mort Zuckerman’s Daily News in September was much steeper than the declines at The Post and the New York Times.
The News saw its weekday print circulation tumble 11.2 percent, to 207,680, almost double the 6.8 drop at The Post, which fell to 230,634. The Times reported a decline of 5.5 percent, to 551,579.
The Post was the No. 1 seller on newsstands, with 169,543 copies sold in September, down 9.9 percent. The Times sold an average 77,994 newsstand copies, down 3.5 percent. The News saw newsstand sales crater by 11.4 percent, to 115,923.
The shocking double-digit declines come weeks after the money-losing News ousted Editor-in-Chief Jim Rich after just one year on the job.
The News also reported that circulation via its mobile app tumbled 29.5 percent, to 46,233. The Post’s mobile app circulation jumped 14.2 percent, to 202,422 — pushing total print and digital circulation up 2 percent, to 422,056, and making it the only one of the three papers to record a total circulation gain.

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