Sunday, November 20, 2016

Aliza Scheinfeld Shares Letter of Encouragement For R' Moty Scheinfeld (52) Z"L

In the wake of the sudden and shocking passing of Rabbi Moty Scheinfeld (52) Z”L, his wife Aliza shared a heartfelt letter of thanks and encouragement of perseverance with the community.

“This week we experienced a shocking and horrible tragedy, the sudden loss of my dear husband R’ Mordechai Tzvi, Moty Scheinfeld, A”H. My family is heartbroken and we will never be the same. Although we are suffering, we know we will survive and live our lives again with the fondest memories of a great husband, father, and of course, a loving Zaidy.
It says that Hashem prepares the medicine before the illness. In our case, Hashem prepared the best medicine for us, our beautiful loving immediate and extended family and our amazing friends and neighbors here and the world over. I have received the warmest emails and messages via text and Whatsapp from people I know and those I do not know…. those who knew Moty and those who did not.
During this week, we were fed the most delicious and plentiful meals. Most of all, we were blown away by the hundreds of people who came to be Menachem us, sharing stories and memories of their relationships with Moty, either personal or professional. You gave us comfort and strength.
As we welcome Shabbos, I encourage you to celebrate Shabbos the way Moty celebrated Shabbos. Not only enjoying it because of its holiness but because of the special time with the family, singing, sharing stories of our individual weeks at school or work, and of course, lots of laughter and good times.
With tremendous thanks and wishes to you for a most Freilichen Shabbos,
Aliza Scheinfeld and family”

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Heartbroken said...

Thank you for posting this...we miss Moty terribly, and will always love him.