Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rabbi Genack urges people to vote for Hillary because she sent him a Mazel Tov for his Grandchild's Bris!

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Rabbi Genack getting kissed by  Hillary Clinton
This is the guy that Hillary kissed at the AIPAC convention, and now he wants to throw Israel under the bus because she gave him some Kovod, and wants Klall Yisroel to vote for the woman that wants the Iranian murderers to have nuclear weapons !
Shame on him .....How low can a guy go .....??
He must have been promised a job in her administration! 

I will not post this clown's entire letter but this is the way it starts :

By Rabbi Menachem Genack
When my daughter Ora and son-in-law Avi recently gave birth to a son, they were contacted by Hillary Clinton’s staff to find out the baby’s name. As the bris was delayed for some time, Ora and Avi could not supply a name when the request arrived. But I did not understand why anyone needed a name—wouldn’t it be sufficient to congratulate the baby’s parents?
Once the baby was named, the parents received two letters from Hillary: one wishing Mazel Tov to the parents, and a second one addressed directly to the baby. Hillary wrote to my grandson Nachum, wishing him “a lifetime of amazing adventures and accomplishments, with those who love you cheering you along the way.”
I have known Hillary Clinton for almost twenty-five years, and this is the Hillary I know: gracious, kind, and focused on building a better future for our children and grandchildren. While to some, these qualities are not evident in her public persona, they are in fact ever present. And they underlie her engagement with the Jewish community – both in America, and in Israel.
What a bald faced lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jancsibacsi said...

Rabbis Genack is deluding himself the power of self delusion is unbeleivable, to support Hillary is to support his own self destruction but this rabbi is incapable to think critically since he was hypnotized by Hillaries kind wishes.

Anonymous said...

If he's trustworthy for kashrus than why not regarding Hillary?

Anonymous said...

He is an old time friend of Bill Clinton and served as his speech writer on israeli and jewish topics

New Square Talking Fish said...

The only thing Hillary cares about is feathering her own nest...her greed has no end...and rewarding her political allies and punishing her enemies. End of story. There is nothing more to her than that. Any "rabbi" who does not recognize that is hopelessly naive and easily fooled.

Oy U said...

It's time everyone found out about the huge kashrus scandals that Genack is directing at the OU. Even when both rabbis Schechter & Belsky said something was forbidden, Genack would override them in the name of his greed and Left wing leanings. Only 2 years after Genack's good friend Katz was caught red handed selling treif veal, Genack engineered making Katz the Chairman of OU kashrus to whitewash him. Genack & his hatchet man Elefant threaten people who know about the cover ups. They are just a couple of thugs.

Genack is not someone who puts a portrait of Rebbi Akiva Eiger on his wall at home. He mounts a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, his hero for freeing the Brothas. Hillary's criminal associate Corzine put Genack in charge of a NJ State commission to get Brothas outta jail. Bleeding heart Liberals like Genack cry that it's "cruel" that Brothas are locked up for their crimes. Genack wants to unleash the murderers, rapists & burglars back into your communities.

Hugging & kissing Hillary is just the tip of the Genack iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Oy U
where can i learn more about the katz scandal?

Anonymous said...

Tell more about the Katz scandal. The community has a right to know if they are now eating out of nonkosher pots.

AchSameach said...

More lashon hara? Please! Nobody needs this. OK, i get this is coming out of your hate for Hillary, and to hate her is of course allowed. But saying this.....

Anonymous said...

Katz treif scandal

Happened in the early 1980s when R' Moishe ztl was still active.

Katz received hazmonos to beis din that R' Moishe himself signed.

Katz ignored the hazmonos which Shulchan Aruch says makes him a koifer & in cherem even if beis din shel mata does not actually impose cherem.

Katz tried to sue the Jewish Press for reporting he ignored R' Moishe's hazmonos.

Katz is a Teaneck guy but part of the whitewash was he started wearing a black hat as part of his phony OU President act.