Monday, November 14, 2016

"No Jews" in Pomona

Jews in chutz le'aaretz are getting very comfortable .... and once in a while G-d sends us a message what the future in the USA will be ...
Now Monsey residents ....who are migrating north to Pomona got a taste of Kristlenacht!


Collosal PR said...

There is always a bright side to the anti-Semitism

I get to go on TV to koch about it with Yossi Gestetner

No more obnoxiously bright sweaters for me though. My new stylist told me to cut it out

Aron Wieder said...

Does Sheriff Falco have the Joint Terrorism Task Force on the case yet? This is mamash geferlich because it's not just against Yidden. In Pomona means it is against Tuna Beigels bifrat!

Anonymous said...

That BHG listing on 2 Carteret Dr is the corner of Pomona east of the Palisades Parkway on top of the New City portion of East Ramapo school district.

There is a big influx there lately of modern orthos davening at Ashar as well as rigidly yeshivish talmidei Philly types drawn to the yeshiva in the new development. A FRESSER developer as they are so aptly named on this blog bought that large parcel of land at a nice discount because there is a high voltage trunk running through it which is a known danger to health. Realty Teams has the exclusive on the development. When someone figured out the health problem and wanted to move far enough outside the development to avoid the high voltage, Streicher didn't want him living anywhere in the area so that the suckers in the development wouldn't find out about it. She wouldn't let her agents sell him a house anywhere in walking distance.

Skverrorist said...

That Nei City area is inside the radius that we don't want you Litvisher & Moderner moving into. And beware because the nursing home where Rottenberg dared to go daven is also on the outskirts dortten.

Vechoil Yisruel yivkee es hasreifeh

Anonymous said...

"Once in a while G-d sends a message what the future bla bla bla" and what's about the too oftentimes almost daily of messages that Hashem is sending to the Zionist atheistic mafia regime, and not just warning messages but real action and each and everyone is suffering because when the Midas Hadin is active than there's no differentiation Hashem Yerachem
Now take out your lies and attack machine and start spewing
You like it or not Israel is the most dangerous place in the world nowadays

Chaim Shtinkovitch said...

That Yoeli at 3:16 pm sure is getting excited.

Meanwhile Satmar bikur choylim is promoting that hostess at their annual Monsey event is Town of Ramapo's deputy in house attorney Meryl Troodler, mother of Aaron Troodler who was arrested by Federal agents for ripping off the taxpayers in the bond scam.

So what was that about Tzionim being a mafia regime?