Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Aron Weider loses Assembly Seat, Kiryas Yoel's Biggest Nightmare!

Karl Brabenec and Aron Wieder

98th Assembly District 

Republican Karl Brabenec overcame a challenge by Democrat Aron Wieder for the 98th state Assembly District seat.
Brabenec, of Deerpark, beat out Wieder with 59 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results from the state Board of Elections. Brabenec was originally elected to the seat in 2014.
Weider, of Spring Valley, appeared on six different ballot lines, and managed to wrest the Conservative line away from Brabenec through a write-in challenge.
Among the top issues in the district, which includes portions of Rockland and Orange counties, was Kiryas Joel’s annexation of land from the Town of Monroe.
Brabenec opposed Kiryas Joel’s move to increase in size, and favored a proposal to create a town of North Monroe that lets both municipalities decide their futures. Wieder, who is former vice president and president of the East Ramapo school board, said the courts should decide — they have so far ruled in favor of the annexation.
The 98th Assembly district includes parts of the villages of Spring Valley, Montebello, Wesley Hills, Monsey and Kaser, and all of the village of Sloatsburg, as well as the Orange County towns of Monroe, Tuxedo, Warwick, Minisink, Greenville and Deerpark.


Montebello Tuna Beigel said...

At first the Rebbes, including in Monsey, were against Wieder. But this election they figured they may as well put him to use for the annexation fight.

An associate of Wieder is a lowlife Kapo type. But Wieder doesn't realize everything the Kapo is up to.

Koch Lefel said...

Satmar in Kiryas Joel split the vote. Weider won big in Rockland, as did every Democrat, but in Orange County, the Aharoni Goat Lovers supported one side and the Zalman Cow Lovers supporting the other. I forget which supported which; they look alike. Anyway, this heilige machlokes l' shaim shamayim caused Weider to lose.

Romanisher Ferd said...

When Wieder first entered politics Ich hub gehert Vizhnitz was very against him. Does anyone know the exact nekida that ticked them off?

Anonymous said...

Not sayin I am a fan of Wieder but the Monsey Kapo is not his "associate". He is a huge loser who Wieder will give the time of day becuase they know each other from somewhere.

Vus zugt DIN? said...

Any possibility that the violent assault on Pinny Lipschutz's wife in their driveway was a contract hit to warn him to stop criticizing Grossman, Galandauer & the other corrupt bums at

Pinny has also been criticizing in the Yated the yeshiva ketanos (who he does not mention are in cahoots with the developers). The chadorim are taking developer money to push the parents to vote for handpicked developer candidates. The biggest attack on the chadorim administrators so far was in a recent Yated Magazine halacha column where Rav Kaganoff tore them to pieces for not following anything in the meforshim on Chanoch Lenaar or in the sifrei poskim when they cruelly reject children.

Monsey said...

The attacker was very strong. After he threw burning ammonia in Mrs. Lipschutz's face he grabbed her so tight with one arm that no matter how hard she fought she could not move an inch. With his other hand he completely sealed her mouth so no one could hear her scream. It was B'H big siyata d'Shmaya that someone drove up to the house which scared him away.

The same thug attacked the 16 year old daughter of someone else a couple of miles away. There are only 5 houses on that street. I don't know exactly who was attacked but one baal habos who lives on that little court is mishpocho with a rov who has been outspoken against the corrupt developers & their yeshivos ketanos administrator accomplices $$$. He has been bezunder upset over the achzoriyus of YSV turning away kids.