Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Satmar & Skver Running Scared Because They Bet On the Wrong Horse

Both Satmar Brothers in collusion with the Skverer, endorsed Crooked Hillary for POTUS! They endorsed someone who voted to hand nuclear weapons to Iran, a country that vowed to wipe Israel off the map, Chas Ve'Sholem!  They endorsed a candidate that endorses gay marriage.

The Kapos Friedlander, Nadler and the arrogant Lichtensteins will now crawl under the rock....

But there is a G-d out there that protects Israel and didn't listen to those who "chanfeh" Goyim! Hashem didn't listen to the losing "manhigim" who could care less about 6 million Jews living in Israel and only cared about what it will do for the "moisid" or for New Square or Monroe and Williamsburg!

Now Trump owes them nothing!


Quack Quack Menachem Genack said...

Us Left Wing Modern Orthodox Liberals too!

Eicha yashva Hillary, hayta k'almana!

I wanted to hug & kiss her again but she won't accept any consolation!

Ezra Friedlander goes down, it's about time said...

That lowlife Ezra Friedlander went to the Javits center to celebrate last night. He took photographs of himself with two untznius shiksas (Lady Gaga was one) there, and with his friend Jerry Nadler. He was expecting a big win, that his usual strategy of falsehood and flattery would win again. But he was in for a big surprise. He went home to Boro Park in sadness.

The Liska phoniness, sheker and chanifa, lost in a big way. Ezra was shocked.

So now he is trying to reposition himself as something other than a partisan Democrat. He doesn't want to have to go out of business entirely. Despite the fact that he (illegally) tweeted yesterday a photo of his ballot, crowing about how he proudly voted for Clinton, Schumer, Nadler, etc.

What a phony. Lock him up with Hillary, that Liska liar.

Anonymous said...

These welfare cases made their bed
Now let them sleep in it
Filthy self hating guru bastard
These schmucks are not leaders they're Schnorrers

Anonymous said...

Much grief in Kiriyas Guniff today!

ferd said...

Does anyone know if Ezra the Kapo was guzzling the free vodka Hillary gave at Javits & if the vodka had hashguche? Domestic vodkas are sometimes chulev stam & imports are sometimes treif.

This would be no different by the way then at seudas Achashverosh where they tried to induce Yidden to consume treif while ogling scantily clad women. Chazal say Hummen Harushe was one of the waiter captains doing the inducements to cheit. But who needs someone like that when they've got a Kapo like Ezra at their disposal?

Forshay said...

The partisan Lefty shmuck AG Schneidermann set up a hotline so he can try to prosecute anyone who slowed down Hillary voters at a polls for a second or two.

When President Trump sends the special prosecutor after the Clinton Foundation he should also look into Schneidermann running to Forshay to be shtupped with cash shoychad by Satmar moyser Moses Stern.

Unknown said...

Dov Hikind voted for Paul Ryan ...

smart ass said...

menachem PA-SKOODNACK. If not for others at the OU; the ou would be totaly
unacceptable. He questionably has a din of RODEF as his organization speaks
for American traditional Jews as well as Bnei Torah. He bought himself a ticket to his fellow Mosrim and Rodfim.

Anonymous said...

wow so people know what forshay is up to b'h

AchSameach said...

You guys are being baalei lashon hara and motzi shem raa. Aren't you proud of yourselves for all your aveiros?