Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary too stupid to answer questions at a debate, she needs CNN to feed her the questions

Weiner Email Scandal

Do you find it as fascinating as I do that here you have a woman, Hillary Clinton, who portrays herself as a staunch feminist --  she represents the new era of feminists -- being brought down by a sex pervert married to her number one aide, Huma Abedin? 

What about the irony of that? 

 And then you have Huma marrying the guy in the first place, and Huma saying now, 
"I -- I -- I don't know how my emails ended up on my husband's computer!" 

Hillary's the most cheated-on woman in America, and it's happening again right in front of our eyes, and this time it's Anthony Weiner and his own activities because of his marriage... 
 Hillary is now calling Huma "one of my staffers." 
"Yes, one of my staffers' laptops is in investigation under questions the FBI, one of my staff." 
One of my staffers?  
Huma Abedin is Hillary's body companion, meaning Huma is everywhere Hillary is.  Huma carries out Hillary's orders and directives.  Huma advises Hillary. 
Huma and Hillary are inseparable. 
She's not just one of Hillary's staffers. 
That's another indication here that there's something really going on. 
 Now, let's take a look at some of the headlines and news summaries:
  The New York Times has come out with a piece last night that says definitively there is no Donald Trump link to Russia.  Now, they put it on page 21 so that New York Times readers on the Upper West Side won't see it and have their days ruined, but they still run it.
. It's on page 21.  It's all over their website and it's all over the country now. 
 What's up with that?  That is a major, major cutting 'em off at the knees for the Clinton campaign and Obama, who have been living off this notion that Trump knows Putin, that Trump's a friend of Putin, that Trump and Putin are behind the emails that WikiLeaks has. 
The New York Times says there's no Trump link. 
Then we had Doug Schoen saying he can't vote for Hillary anymore.  He's been around her ever since she's been in public life and he's withstood every scandal, but this one he wants no part of, and he announced publicly on Fox he's abandoning Hillary.
  CNN dumps Donna Brazile after they learn that Donna Brazile's been sharing debate questions with Hillary Clinton.  
The sidebar to that is: Isn't it amazing how many people in the Hillary camp think she's incapable of simply answering issue-oriented questions on the fly?  
They have to cheat. 
They have to furnish her the questions 
They have to let her get a leg up and maybe an advantage in preparation, 'cause they just don't trust that she's up to speed enough issue by issue to handle a question. 
I mean, who can't anticipate the questions? 
But they have to go out of their way, and here's Donna Brazile. Whatever she did for Hillary Clinton has resulted in her being canned at CNN.  That takes a lot.  
Then Obama came out via Josh Earnest and said, "We totally trust Comey. We don't think Comey has done anything here to interfere with an election. We think Comey and the FBI are behaving here with utmost integrity."

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Anonymous said...

I think Sheldon Adelson is behind the wikileaks revelations, via shmuley boteach via pamela anderson. My hunch is Anderson brought Assange more than a vegan sandwich in her shopping bags.