Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reform Jews suffered a bitter blow with Trump's election

Shas leader and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri welcomed the results of the American elections Thursday and said that the Reform Jews in America had suffered a "bitter blow".

"It is too early to discuss the possible repercussions of Trumps' election as president," said Interior Minister Deri, "but there is no doubt that we should thank God that all the desecrators of the covenant and impersonators of Judaism who wished to take control of the Land of Israel and introduce their destructive reforms- received a significant blow.

"Their influence and threat came from their connection to the administration in America, they realize that they have lost this power and we can, God willing, continue to strengthen the traditional religion which we received from previous generations.

"Many Jews said over the last few days that if such a miracle happens, it must be the days prior to the advent of the Messiah. We must truly be in Messianic times when everything will turn out favorably for the people of Israel."


New Square Talking Fish said...

Many so called Reform Jews are not even Jewish. I know of a female Reform "rabbi" who puts on tefilin (and has her picture taken of course wearing tefilin) who is not Jewish. In fact I know of two people like this. Reform perhaps at one time was comprised of mostly Jews, but these days with rampant intermarriage, bogus conversions, and "self-identity" ethics, you can be sure that a vast number of these people are not halachically Jewish. Reform is another form of liberalism, dressed up in religious garb, but it is not Judaism. The Reform "temples" are empty, and fill only for photo-ops, like sitting shiva after Trump's election. Moron liberal self-righteous leftists, not Jews.

Successful Messiah said...

Maybe Shmarya's little poodle disgruntled Boro Park resident who lately comments on this blog should put his old mentor on suicide watch. We wouldn't want to see the poor guy get hurt. He hated George Bush almost as much as Orthodox Jews but Trump may be enough to push him over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Successful Messiah said...

are you referring to Jancsi ? LOL,this guy is pathetic,
by the way it was me who gave him his name "shmaryah's little poodle.